Investment Book of Record

A single source of truth from the front to back office

Make the move to an IBOR-centric investment management system

Portfolio managers and traders rely on correct and timely position data in order to make the right investment decisions. With a broadening range of securities and investment strategies in play, the requirement to have a holistic and complete view of the risks associated with any action, or inaction, has become even more essential.

Award-winning data foundation that helps realize your growth ambitions

From an organizational perspective, an IBOR provides the data foundation and operational capabilities necessary to meet growth ambitions by expanding into new asset classes and realizing investment strategies. SimCorp’s IBOR is an award winning solution that is integrated across front-, middle- and back-offices, helping asset managers get an overview and provide reliable up-to-date position data to make more informed investment decisions.

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Definition of an IBOR

An investment book of record (IBOR) delivers control over investment-critical information to asset managers by centralizing intraday positions across all asset classes into a ‘golden copy’. It provides up-to-date information in real time about current, projected and historical positions, enabling portfolio managers and traders to make better investment decisions and providing risk managers with accurate views on exposures.


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Industry InsigHTS

Cutter Associates provide insights on the benefits of an IBOR

Watch the video and learn more about some of the key data challenges for investment managers, and how can an IBOR help. Tom Phipps is Principal at Cutter Associates, a global analyst firm focused on the operational and technical-needs of the global asset management industry. 

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 Learn from industry leaders who have moved to an IBOR-centric investment management system


Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management: IBOR-based Front Office Drives Alpha

Moving to an agile and scalable state-of-the-art enterprise system with an IBOR-based front office has enabled Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management to boost growth thanks to a much faster time-to-market for new instruments and products and a significantly quicker response to new regulations.



How an IBOR Delivers Better Information Faster at BMO Global Asset Management

Utilizing SimCorp Dimension® as the firm’s ‘golden copy’ investment book of record (IBOR), BMO Global Asset Management has made its clients the biggest beneficiaries of the IBOR. According to Todd Healy, Head of investment operations at BMO Global Asset Management, “The greatest business advantage for BMO is that the IBOR provides the most up-to-date position data to drive better portfolio and trading decisions.”


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