Solutions by Product

SimCorp’s integrated solutions play together to help you grow

From front to back, our product portfolio delivers the flexibility, scalability, and adaptability you need to realize your growth potential, improve your investment performance, and increase your operational agility.

Front Office

Take your front office to the next level

The volume of trading data is set to grow by 60% each year. Over 80% of incremental fee revenue will likely come from non-core asset classes like alternative investments. And regulations continue to roll in ever-higher waves. Is your front office ready to generate alpha in an increasingly more complex environment?

More than 100 of the world’s largest asset managers have chosen one of our front office solution for these reasons:

  • The only Front Office Suite with best-of-breed capabilities
  • Highest degree of automated front office workflows
  • Real-time intraday positions with a built-in IBOR
  • Risk, performance, and accounting analytics available in the front office
  • Broad asset and instruments coverage including alternative investments

Middle Office

Measure your performance and mitigate risk

Your internal stakeholders and clients alike are demanding more insight and want to know why goals have or have not been reached. Similarly, evaluating risks taken goes hand in hand with identifying those that lie ahead.

Leading investment managers rely on our integrated efficient performance and risk management solutions and benefit from the competitive advantage that comes from:

  • Mapping and measuring of the impact of realized investment decisions
  • Automated performance reports and information support to your front office
  • A transparent and complete view on your firm’s exposure
  • Comprehensive performance dashboards and benchmarks

Back Office

Take control and increase automation

Optimizing back-office processes to reduce cost and operational risk while ensuring compliance with back-office industry standards and regulations - all these are demands, which you need to meet to achieve competitive advantage.

Today’s leading investment managers choose our back office solutions as we have tailored them to meet exactly those requirements by:

  • Automating previously time-consuming, labor-intensive, and manual processes
  • Providing up-to-date and scalable functionality that comply with industry standards and regulations
  • Offering multiple accounting and tax frameworks that support globalization

Data and Reporting

Maximize data value and enrich your client communication and reporting

The ability to create accurate, consistent, and transparent content across the organization is what ensures trust and confidence in your data and associated reporting – internally as well as for your clients. Similarly, one version of the truth from front to back is what enables your front office to make informed investment decisions and create alpha.

Across the world, leading investment managers choose our data management and reporting solutions as they:

  • Maximize the value of your data and deliver one version of the truth from front to back
  • Provide clean and accurate data for reporting and analysis
  • Automate and enrich your client communication and reporting to enhance client service and ensure regulatory compliance