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  • Major Swiss Bank Selects SimCorp Dimension1 September 2015

    The bank has selected SimCorp's investment management solution, SimCorp Dimension, with the aim of rationalising its current technology platform and to support its ambitions to grow.

    Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
    Cath Rawcliffe, SimCorp Ltd (+44 (0) 2072 60 1969, +44 (0) 7515098996)
    Jochen Müller, Executive Vice President, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 6477, +45 6040 6477)

    Company Announcement no. 41/2015

  • SimCorp Survey Reveals the Majority of Buy-Side Firms Are Processing Complex Swaps Manually25 August 2015

    Highlights of the survey include:

    • 44% of buy-side professionals manually process complex derivatives, with more than 50% still relying on at least partially manual processes
    • 55% of buy-side professionals do not have a consolidated view of derivatives and other asset classes

    Swaps require ‘look-through,’ an interpretation tool that allows firms to see all of the underlying components of the asset itself. The ability to decompose each swap is critical in order to effectively monitor a firm’s overall strategy. Without one consolidated view of swaps positions in relation to all other asset classes, a firm cannot holistically track what it owns, its worth and the exposure across its entire book of business. That, combined with the lack of automation, can result in poor investment -making and be materially detrimental for investors.

    “Despite long track records of derivatives usage within investment portfolios, patchworks of manual processes and desktop-based spreadsheet analytics still persist,” said Geoff Cole, director at Sapient Global Markets. “This inefficiency manifests itself as operational risk in the form of inconsistent or delayed views of exposure, longer month-end cycle times for NAV and performance reporting to clients, and delays in new product launches.”

    “The persistence of widespread operational inefficiency in this area of the swaps market is a red flag pointing to the potential for costly errors and substantial delays in time-to-market,” commented Marc Mallett, Vice President of Product & Managed Services at SimCorp North America. “Adopting a global platform with the ability to deal with complex swaps along with other financial instruments across multiple jurisdictions combats and often eliminates these issues by providing a complete picture of what you own, what it’s worth and your exposure.”

    The survey was conducted during a recent SimCorp online webinar, titled “Complex Swaps Processing Across the Investment Lifecycle.”

    Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:

    Dmitriy Ioselevich, Peppercomm Communications,, +1-212-931-6177

    Erica Fidel, SimCorp North America,, +1-212-994-9453

    About Sapient Global Markets

    Sapient Global Markets, a part of Publicis.Sapient, is a leading provider of services to today’s evolving financial and commodity markets. We provide a full range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance their businesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operating costs, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. We offer services across Advisory, Analytics, Technology, and Process, as well as unique methodologies in program management, technology development, and process outsourcing. Sapient Global Markets operates in key financial and commodity centers worldwide, including Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Singapore, Washington D.C. and Zurich, as well as in large technology development and operations outsourcing centers in Bangalore, Delhi, and Noida, India. For more information, visit

  • New share buyback program 19 August 2015

    The buyback program is being launched in accordance with the authorization granted by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on 23 March 2015 to repurchase up to 10% of the SimCorp’s share capital in the period until the next annual general meeting.

    The buyback program will be structured in compliance with the rules of Commission Regulation No. 2273/2003 of 22 December 2003, which provides protection against violation of insider trading legislation in connection with the execution of the buyback.

    SimCorp has appointed Danske Bank A/S as lead manager of the buyback program for EUR 15.0 million. Under the agreement Danske Bank A/S will purchase shares on behalf of SimCorp and will make its trading decisions independently of, and without influence by, SimCorp.

    The buyback program is subject to the following terms:

    • The purpose of the program is to reduce the share capital of SimCorp and to meet the obligations arising from SimCorp’s incentive scheme
    • Total purchases of own shares will be limited to a total market value of EUR 15.0m
    • Maximum number of shares that can be bought is 750,000 shares of DKK 1 each
    • Execution of the buyback will take place from 25 August 2015 to 19 February 2016
    • Maximum number of shares to be purchased in SimCorp per daily market session will be the equivalent to 25% of the average volume of SimCorp shares traded on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen during the preceding 20 business days
    • During the life of the buyback program no shares will be purchased at a price exceeding the higher of the following two prices on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen:

                      1.  The price of the last independent trade, and
                      2.  The highest current independent bid

    Details of transactions executed under the buyback program will be publicly disclosed on not later than the end of the seventh daily market session.

    Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
    Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8802, +45 2326 0000)
    Thomas Johansen, Chief Financial Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8800, +45 2811 3828)

    Company Announcement no. 40/2015


  • Interim report January to June 201518 August 2015


    SimCorp signed two new Dimension contracts in the second quarter of the year.

    Total order inflow in H1 2015 was EUR 31m, an increase of EUR 21.8m compared to last year.

    Q2 2015 revenue was EUR 68.0m, a quarterly increase of 16% measured in EUR and 9% measured in local currencies. H1 2015 revenue was EUR 124.5m, an increase of 15% measured in EUR and 9% measured in local currencies compared with H1 2014.

    EBIT for Q2 2015 was EUR 16.7m, compared with EUR 11.9m in Q2 2014, an increase of 40%. Currency exchange rate fluctuations have impacted EBIT positively by EUR 1.4m in the quarter. EBIT for H1 2015 was EUR 23.3m, compared with EUR 16.8m for H1 2014, an increase of 39%. Currency exchange rate fluctuations have impacted EBIT positively by EUR 2.1m in H1 2015.

    Net profit for Q2 2015 was EUR 12,6m compared with EUR 9.1m in Q2 2014 and net profit was EUR 16.8m for H1 2015 compared with EUR 12.7m in H1 2014.

    SimCorp updates its expectations for 2015 and now expects revenue growth measured in local currencies to be between 7% and 12%, and the EBIT margin measured in local currencies to be between 23.5% and 26.5%.

    At 30 June 2015 EUR 226m of the projected 2015 revenue had been contractually secured, EUR 33m more than at the same point in time last year.

    Klaus Holse, SimCorp CEO comments: ”With a record high Q2 order inflow we maintained momentum from the good start to the year realized in Q1. We continue to see solid demand for our solutions and services. Based on continued customer feedback related to our Front Office and IBOR offerings we are convinced that our continued investment into R&D has been and still is a true and substantial competitive differentiating factor for SimCorp.”

    Download the interim report in pdf

  • Share buyback program completed17 August 2015

    In connection with the program SimCorp A/S would repurchase shares for an amount of up to EUR 10.0m (approx. DKK 74.4m) in the period from 23 February to 14 August 2015.

    The following transactions have been executed under the program:



    Number of shares

    Average purchase price (DKK per share)

    Amount (DKK)

    Accumulated under the program as of last announcement:




    10 August 2015




    11 July 2015




    12 August 2015




    13 August 2015




    14 August 2015




    Accumulated under the program following above purchases:





    Following above purchases, SimCorp holds 1,153,762 treasury shares corresponding to 2.78% of the share capital.

    During the period 23 February to 14 August 2015 SimCorp has repurchased a total of 313,274 shares equal to a transaction value of EUR 10.0m (DKK 74.4m), and the share buyback program is hereby completed.

    Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
    Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8802, +45 2326 0000)
    Thomas Johansen, Chief Financial Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 6858, +45 2811 3828)

    Company Announcement no. 38/2015 

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