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Flexible solutions for modern insurance operations 

Don’t let your rigid technology hinder your growth   

Are you tired of being held back by legacy systems that limit your capabilities? Many investors find themselves trapped in technology developed decades ago, struggling to keep pace with the demands of modern markets that require new asset coverage, adapting to changing regulations and facing operational pressure and information overload.   

At SimCorp, we offer a different approach. Our software is built for the modern investor, providing the flexibility and scalability needed to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. We believe we’re at the brink of a new era, The Decision Era, where focus shifts from information and analysis to decisions and outcomes.  Whether you're managing complex portfolios, navigating regulatory changes, or seeking new investment opportunities, SimCorp empowers you to stay ahead of the curve by making the best decisions for your business.  

Ready to break free from the constraints of the past and navigate The Decision Era with confidence? Explore what SimCorp One can do for you today.  


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Supporting your business is our only business 

With us as a partner you gain access to decades of industry and technical know-how. Together we work to deliver the outcomes that matter to you. 


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of the top 3 insurance companies use our platform


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How we support you

Truly transparent accounting, from beginning to end

With us, you have access to accurate and timely multi-asset and cross-jurisdictional accounting, from a simple holdings statement to fully compliant investment accounting across 70+ verified accounting frameworks. 

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Act with speed and confidence

Our integrated, front-to-back investment management and accounting platform gives you a true total portfolio approach to meet your liabilities, to make informed investment decisions with speed and confidence. 

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Complete compliance, every time

Stay on top of investment compliance and regulations, global and regional, across complex strategies. Our platform comes with standardized reporting frameworks for effective compliance of both local and international reporting standards. 

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Choose the operating model that fits you

Tailored to meet your needs: Need a full front-to-back solution? Great. Need one just for your accounting? No problem. Don’t want the operational burden. We have a world class managed service that takes care of the everyday while you stay in control. 

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How SimCorp helped:


A large North American insurer grew by acquisitions and expansion. As a result, they had multiple legacy systems with complex workflows. 

How SimCorp helped:

SimCorp saved the firm USD 50M annually through operational efficiencies by adopting our investment management platform. 


A leading European insurer wanted to streamline front office tools and create efficiencies in accounting and reporting processes. 

How SimCorp helped:

We replaced, consolidated and optimized their investment systems, including fund accounting and regulatory reporting. 


A Fortune 100 listed insurer struggled with evolving accounting regulations and complex US taxation.  

How SimCorp helped:

SimCorp’s front to back investment management platform automatically updates accounting regulations and taxes on transactions.  

Ready to break free from the constraints of the past? Get in touch to explore what we can do for you today.

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