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Is your operating model flexible and scalable?

Future-proof your operating model with SimCorp

A holistic view across all asset classes for timely informed investment decisions. 

As you provide more OCIO services, your front office must feel confident to make informed investment decisions. The best decisions are possible when you have a consolidated real-time view of positions, cash, risk and performance across all assets – including private and ESG.

A flexible and efficient operating model can give you this total portfolio view and allow you to scale with more agility and speed.

By partnering with SimCorp, you can simplify your operating model.  

How Danske Bank consolidated front office systems

Danske Bank Asset Management, one of the biggest Nordic players, consolidated front office systems across four countries on SimCorp. Learn what drove this decision and the business outcomes achieved. 

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We accelerated the way we did trading and we gathered uniform investment processes and there SimCorp played a big role

Michael Sinnet

IT Lead and Senior Vice President, Danske Bank Asset Management

We’re the tech backbone of leading pension funds globally

Trusted by a large community of asset owner clients worldwide, we deliver international best practices and standards that help reduce cost and time to value. By consolidating operations and solutions, we enable our clients to simplify their operating model, streamline processes to focus on the core business, and generate performance. 

Real-time view of private markets and ESG investments

Make more informed investment decisions by gaining a holistic and real-time view of positions, cash, risk and performance across all asset classes - including private markets and ESG investments - all in one place.

The experience of a giant with the innovation of a start-up

We are a team of innovators with 50+ years of experience doing one thing – building great products and services that help future-proof your operating model.

Work with a true partner 

With us as a partner, you gain access to decades of industry and technical know-how. Together we work to deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

Front office trends: How to power up your investment decisions

How can you hone your investment identity to stand out from the competition in any market condition? We asked our industry expert three questions about trends affecting the front office.

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