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Do you have a holistic view of real-time cash, exposure and risk when you need it? 

Future-proof your operating model

With increasing geopolitical uncertainty and challenging markets, do you have a holistic picture of your risk exposures at any given moment?

You need to know the status right here, right now, and make decisions when news is breaking – not when it’s already outdated by the time you react. In terms of investment management infrastructure, one of the most critical capabilities you need is a total portfolio view - the ability to see your positions across all asset classes, and knowing what your current and future cash positions are. If you don’t already have this, the hours you are delayed in getting transparency is time your competition is using to outperform you.

SimCorp’s investment management platform offers a superior portfolio view, as it’s based on a single data source and built from the ground up – from individual transactions – which in turn you can use to determine your exposures. Powered by our industry-leading Investment Book of Record (IBOR), our fully integrated solution supports business functions across all asset classes - including public and private markets - and geographies to provide you with a total portfolio view, in real time.

Trusted by over 300+ buyside firms, we empower our clients to make more informed investment decisions by providing a holistic and real-time view of positions, cash, risk and performance across all asset classes - including private markets and ESG investments - all in one place.

Swedish pension funds AP3 and AP4 have chosen SimCorp as their new portfolio management system provider 

AP3 and AP4, collectively managing approximately EUR 100 billion in assets under management, shared the goal of achieving a modern and dynamic system architecture with more automated processes and a reduced number of separate systems, some of which had a complex, and in some cases, low levels of direct integration.

Read why they selected SimCorp
Besides faster time to market, we achieved a better transparency for our risk exposure. We also have a better understanding of where our performance or outperformance derive from, and therefore we can produce a more sustained outperformance

Claudio-Peter Prutz

former Head of Digital Business Services, MEAG

We’re the tech backbone of leading asset managers globally 

Trusted by over 230 Asset Managers worldwide, we deliver international best practices and standards that help reduce cost and time to value.  By consolidating operations and solutions, we enable our clients to simplify their operating model, streamline processes, and focus on their core business.  

Enhanced tracking and forecasting of cash and performance

We enable our clients to consolidate and forecast cash instantly across public and private investments to gain a real-time view of cash and forecasted cash across direct and indirect investment portfolios, resulting in more informed and timely decisions.

An operating model that supports your investment identity 

One solution does not fit all. That’s why we provide solution options that allow you to choose what you need to suit your investment identity. SimCorp is the only provider to offer a hybrid operating model that combines direct platform access with specialist services across the full front-to-back investment value chain.

We make it easier to innovate and consume technology

Our open ecosystem allows our clients fast access to the latest fintech innovations. We’ve vetted 100s of partners and chosen the ones we know can create value for our clients. With standardized interfaces to a plethora of data, fintech and regtech partners such as Bloomberg, Colmore, FundApps and Alkymi, our partnerships give you frictionless access to innovation, data and connectivity, helping you to grow and become more competitive. 

Embracing a new operating reality

The Global InvestOps Report reveals that intensifying competition and rising operating costs are changing buy-side executives’ priorities for 2024. Get your copy to see where 200 of your peers are focusing resources for the year. 

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