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Is outdated tech hurting your client experience?

Harness the power of digital client communications 

Unleash the power of digitalization

Digitalization of client communications has become a key priority for investment management firms who want to differentiate and stay competitive. Yet, despite its critical importance, many client communications teams find themselves grappling with outdated technology, which hampers their ability to meet the ever-evolving expectations of their customers.

Working with the right partner is key to supporting the digitalization journey. Many firms grapple with the decision of whether to build or buy. As technology innovations accelerate, especially in the digital field, it becomes a burden for investment management firms to maintain and enhance systems internally with the latest and greatest developments, putting them at risk of falling behind the competition.

At SimCorp, we’re passionate about investing in technology and services for the future, which is why we have a full roadmap of exciting innovations to supercharge our clients’ ability to engage with investors and other stakeholders.


The case for digitalization   

Digital client communications projects are on the rise. Find out what investors really expect from digital client reporting and how to make your digital transformation project a success.  

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Why partner with us? 

5 questions to revolutionize your client communications

Client experience now sits in the top three strategic priorities for technology investments in the buy-side. It’s time to rock the boat and deliver a process that gives internal teams a more rewarding career and external clients an experience that informs and engages.

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We’ve empowered several of the world’s leading asset managers to revolutionize their client communications capabilities. Would you like to learn how to get there?

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