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Our commitment to promoting meaningful work for all

How we’re creating meaningful work experiences

Creating a workplace that offers meaning and growth opportunities 

Our strongly committed staff remains our foundation and the key to our success. We commit to fostering an attractive workplace where our employees find meaning in their work and are able to grow. 

We prioritize learning, and our development and performance framework focuses on how everyone can build capabilities and succeed in SimCorp as the company grows and evolves. Hence, we seek curious people who want to learn and grow. For many potential new employees, the possibility of joining other curious people in a learning organization is a deciding factor. 

Employee well-being and engagement 

Employee well-being and engagement are key elements in our people strategy. In 2022, we strengthened our focus on physical, mental, and social well-being by creating a global network of well-being ambassadors. Also, we host three well-being lighthouse events annually to promote both physical and mental well-being. 

In relation to engagement, we cultivate an active-listening culture across SimCorp. Our well-established bi-monthly engagement pulse survey provides leaders at all levels with comprehensive and real-time employee feedback on multiple engagement topics. This direct feedback from employees guides both our people leaders and People & Culture teams as we continually explore and take action to evolve our employee experience and further improve our ways of working.

SimCorp's ESG Fund for Employees

The SimCorp ESG Fund is dedicated to supporting employees actively involved in sustainability-related activities that create a positive impact in their local communities. With an annual budget of EUR 50,000, this fund is available to all SimCorp employees globally, allowing them to seek support for projects they are passionately engaged in. 

At SimCorp, we don't just talk the talk; we walk it, stride by stride. Our commitment to cultivating a workplace imbued with purpose is evident through our diverse array of initiatives. These initiatives serve as empowering platforms for our employees to actively participate and contribute to our company's sustainability agenda. 

In our pursuit of sustainability, we recognize that change begins from within. Through a range of programs, our employees not only witness transformation but actively drive it. From environmentally conscious projects to socially impactful ventures, our initiatives provide SimCorp’ers with a platform to channel their passion and skills towards making a positive difference. 

In 2023, the SimCorp ESG Fund gave donations for: 

  • “Angel Church Food Bank”, an initiative to provide warm meals and shelter to the community in London
  • “JASA” supporting the go-to agency serving senior adults in New York City (Williamsburg) 
  • “Sport dans la Ville”, a project supporting youth access to sport activities in France 
  • “UNHCR Environmental program” focused on reforestation and youth-led climate action training activities in Bangladesh 
  • “Smile Canada” providing crafts, sports and toys to children with special needs, both mental and physical  
  • “Heal the Globe Foundation”, an initiative to provide warming blankets in exposed communities in India
  • “VCD Girls football”, a project to provide warm-up kits and transportation assistance to grassroot football teams in UK 
  • “Bright Horizons” provision of solar panels and educational material to an indigenous community in the Philippines 
  • “Make an Impact – Warsaw women & kids”, a project to refurbish and decorate facilities for children with disabilities in Poland  
  • – a way of giving back, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other under-represented groups.
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