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Recruitment process

From application to hiring

How we recruit new talent at SimCorp

When you have applied for a vacant position at SimCorp, we have some steps you go through - and we recommend you prepare yourself for each of these steps.

We are working with 5 overall stages in our recruitment process. Whenever possible, we’ll try to shorten our standard process outlined below. However, depending on the specific requirements of the hiring team, an additional step or meeting may be required – we’ll keep you informed at every stage.

1. Apply for your dream job

Start your application online. If your application meets our requirements, a Talent Acquisition Partner will contact you.

2. Get contacted by a Talent Acquisition Partner

Congratulations, you’ve made a great first impression on us! We would like to know you better. We’ll contact you to learn more about your work experience, motivation and skills relevant to the position. The initial meeting also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about the company and the role.

3. Business case or assessment

We’ll invite you to prepare a short business case or participate in an online or offline assessment. The case or assessment will be designed to assess your knowledge and skills required for the role.

4. Final meeting

You are doing great! This will be the final meeting with your manager or/and future team members. Take this opportunity to ask questions to get to know us even better.

5. Offer

Congratulations! You’ve reached the last stage of our process. 
Your Talent Acquisition Partner will get in touch to share our offer details.

Getting the most out of your interview.

When you prepare for an interview at SimCorp, we recommend you prepare well so that we can get the most productive and fruitful conversation. Below you will find our tips and recommendations based on our experience.

Tip 1


Research our company in advance and read job description. For further information about SimCorp reach out to the contactText person on the job description.



Prepare a list of questions to ask. Try to prepare questions on wide range of topics: aspects of work, company culture, industry information etc.


Everything works

In case you take part in online interview make sure everything works - fully charge your laptop and check your Wi-Fi connection. Try your link a day before and be on time for the interview.


Listen, ask, and take notes

And be prepared with examples of your work. We recommend you use the STAR model: situation - describe details of the specific event; task - explain your responsibility in that situation; action - describe how you accomplished the task; result - outline the impact of your action.


Show us your intention to learn

SimCorp is a learning organization where we foster our employees’ development.


Be yourself

Authenticity is always best.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I apply?

Search for open positions that match your skills and interest – on our Career Page. Start your application online by creating your account on Workday, following the process, and submitting your application. You can also apply using your LinkedIn profile.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen after I apply?

First, you will receive a thank you mail to let you know that we have received your application. If you applied for a specific opening, we would review your application carefully and then we will reach out – no matter what – to let you know what’s up. We aim to get back to you within 3 weeks. If you submit a general resumé application, we will contact you when the position that matches your experience becomes available.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for an interview at SimCorp?

Your interview will vary based on the position for which you applied. Most positions require online assessment, for example for coding or soft skills, or you may be asked to prepare a short business case. They are designed to assess your knowledge and skills required for the role at SimCorp.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will I know if I have been successful at each stage of the hiring process?

Since the turnaround time depends on the role and the area of business you have applied to, your Talent Acquisition Partner is the best person to assess the situation and provide you with timely updates. We believe in maintaining transparency at every stage of the hiring process.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get feedback if I am not chosen for a position? Who will provide the feedback?

Yes, your Talent Acquisition Partner or the hiring manager will contact you with feedback once your interviews and assessments are complete.

Frequently asked questions

If I am declined during the application process, can I reapply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for other opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

How do you treat and retain my data?

Your data is treated according to our privacy policy regulations that you will read when you start applying in the system. The data is purged from our system after 6 months.

Frequently asked questions

What level of English is required to join SimCorp?

English is our corporate language. We expect you to be comfortable communicating in English verbally and in writing to carry out your tasks in your role.  

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