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General trademark guidelines

It is important to use SimCorp trademarks correctly in order to communicate proper ownership, to ensure SimCorp is not misrepresented and to ensure 3rdparties are not misled as to any SimCorp sponsorships, affiliations, or endorsements of other companies, products or services. The following guidelines explain how to use SimCorp’s trademarks in different scenarios.

Referring to SimCorp trademarks in ordinary text

As long as the guidelines below are followed, it is permissible to use SimCorp’s trademark or product names. When referring to SimCorp trademarks, the correct trademark symbol must be used in accordance with the list of trademarks below.

To the extent a name or logo does not appear on this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that SimCorp or its subsidiaries has established in any of its product, feature, or service names or logos.

  • Trademark: SimCorp logo | Status: ®
  • Trademark: SimCorp | Status: ®
  • Trademark: SimCorp Dimension | Status: ®
  • Trademark: SimCorp Services | Status: 
  • Trademark: SimCorp Standard Platforms | Status: 
  • Trademark: SimCorp Coric | Status: ®
  • Trademark: SimCorp Sofia | Status: ™ 
  • Trademark: Sofia by SimCorp | Status:  ™
  • Trademark: Axioma by SimCorp | Status: 
  • Trademark: SimCorp One | Status: 
  • Trademark: SimCorp Gain | Status:  ™

SimCorp trademarks must always be referred to in full and capitalized correctly. For example, always use 'SimCorp Dimension® and never 'Simcorp dimension' or only 'Dimension'. The first time a SimCorp trademark is used in a text, or in another prominent position, the trademark status must be also be shown. However, following this, it is not necessary to show the trademark status.

A trademark notice must be used in the credit, legal notice or disclaimer section of documents or advertisements to attribute the ownership of SimCorp trademarks as follows:

  • SimCorp, the SimCorp logo, SimCorp Dimension, SimCorp Coric, SimCorp Services and SimCorp Standard Platforms are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SimCorp A/S in Denmark and/or other countries.

Only with prior written consent of SimCorp, may SimCorp’s products and services names be used on packaging, on websites and in advertising materials to indicate product compatibility with a specific SimCorp product or service.


It is permissible to place a text link to a SimCorp Web page on a website if the text link is not a prominent feature on the site and is not used in a way that could confuse or mislead other parties. It is also permissible to refer to the SimCorp company name or SimCorp product and service names in a plain text font and format, provided this use follows the trademark guidelines herein and appropriate wording is include such as 'Click this link to' It is not permissible to use the SimCorp corporate logo or any other SimCorp logo or graphic to link to SimCorp.


It is not permissible to use any SimCorp trademark in the title of a website or as a second-level domain name. It is not permissible to use any SimCorp logo without a license or written permission from SimCorp A/S.

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