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Whistleblower policy

SimCorp has a whistleblower policy in place which gives all SimCorp stakeholders the possibility of reporting any criminal actions or clear violations of SimCorp’s guidelines or policies that could damage SimCorp whether financially, reputationally, or in some other way.

To file a report please use our whistleblower site.


Download the Whisteblower policy

SimCorp has established a whistleblower system as a means of increasing focus on transparency. The whistleblower system allows employees, management, members of the Board of Directors of SimCorp, and other stakeholders of SimCorp (such as supplier representatives, clients, or SimCorp shareholders) who believe they have become aware of actions or omissions that could damage SimCorp whether financially, reputationally, or in some other way to pass on this information to a whistleblower hotline.

The Board of Directors will appoint two representatives of SimCorp to act as gatekeepers in respect of the whistleblower account. The Board of Directors is responsible for appointing representatives who possesses the professional qualifications and integrity in order to provide for a credible and reasonably independent administration of the whistleblower policy.

Any information received via the whistleblower system and which by the gatekeepers is not considered clearly un-founded will be passed on to the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors who will then consider the appropriate measures. Reports and questions that are received via the whistleblower system are treated confidentially.

In order to (i) prevent passing on of information that is clearly unfounded; and (ii) to make sure that the receiver of the information is not personally involved in the matter in question, the Board of Directors shall instruct the gatekeepers to apply a criterion of materiality when determining which information is passed on, while at the same time taking into account whom the information is intended for.



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