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Client story

Forca conducts Value Assessment with SimCorp to improve process automation

Forca is an outsourcing partner for Danish pension funds and supplier of tailored pension services. Between Forca’s wide range of services and regulatory and market changes, their platform became more complex for their clients and end users.

In this video, Christina Larsen, Head of Fund Management, Forca, shares how conducting a value assessment with SimCorp helped them build a roadmap centered on their transformational objectives. This roadmap gave them a clear business plan to reduce manual work, human error and enhance how they use controlled data with clients.

“Looking into how SimCorp is best able to support Forca on this big change journey we are going into is… guiding us as a client to what are the market standards in order for us to best support our clients, but also understanding the business we are in and the drivers within that business.”

Christina Larsen,

Head of Fund Management, Forca

Quick Facts

AUM: DKK 712 bn
Headquarters: Hellerup, Denmark
Employees: 385

About Forca

Forca is a pension service provider wholly owned by the three labor market pension funds and companies Lærernes Pension (LP), PKA and Pædagogernes Pension (PBU). With more than 15 years of experience and more than 400 employees with deep insight into pensions, customer service, IT, law, finance and business development, we are experts in adapting and scaling our services to the reality and needs of pension funds and companies, while at the same time as a strategic partner we proactively help and challenge our customers to achieve optimal results. We act as an IT system supplier, pension administrator, compliance guarantor and pension adviser for our customers. In collaboration with customers, we develop the solutions needed to improve the service experience for customers and their members.

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