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IBOR & Data

The foundation to your investment process

The right data at the right time

Ensure you have access to timely, accurate and complete investment data across all asset classes and strategies in one place with our Investment Book of Record (IBOR). To make the best investment decisions, you need to centralize and distribute all your intraday activities throughout the organization. Seamlessly.

Improve your investment decision making

Our Investment Book of Record (IBOR) integrates data across front, middle and back office ensuring you can gain a complete overview of your operations, while providing you with the reliable, event-adjusted and up-to-date positions data you need to make more informed investment decisions.

The seamless integration across the investment value chain frees up key resources to focus on your core business, increasing your potential to exploit new growth opportunities.

The only true multi-asset IBOR

Many other platforms claim to have a single IBOR. But in reality, they offer a patchwork of stitched together data stores. Only the SimCorp IBOR gives you:

• A full instrument lifecycle with both current holdings and expected
• The ability to manage cash intraday and update balances when settlement occurs
• Look through capabilities to ensure effective liquidity management
• Backstory of how a position and valuation is created
• Complete ownership of your data

Data interoperability

Not only is it easy import data from custodians, fund managers and prime brokers into our IBOR via standardized connections, it’s also usable right away in your processes. SimCorp consolidates market data, compares and checks validity before distributing to the IBOR and other systems as needed. This removes unnecessary steps to prepare data and helps you reduce data costs. Plus, you have a choice if you want to run this process, or offload to our qualified data experts with Data Management Services 

Distribution of data across the organization 

The SimCorp platform supplies APIs to access the data and use within an Investment Management Data Warehouse powered by Snowflake, reporting tools and a digital engagement portal to distribute to the end client. All of this built from the single source of truth found in the IBOR data.

Total Portfolio View Report

How to gain a true portfolio view

Imagine the power of giving all stakeholders access to consistent and accurate information across the entire book of business at all times. Get this new report to learn how to empower your organization to make the best decisions based on the same up-to-date, real-time information

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