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SimCorp Connect

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The SimCorp Connect framework provides secure interconnections between existing SimCorp Dimension installations and services being provisioned as cloud only resources. The SimCorp Connect will foster an open ecosystem where SimCorp Dimension systems can start to draw on functions, data, resources and services being provisioned by SimCorp and 3rd parties.

The focus for the SimCorp Connect ecosystem has been to provide a secure, transparent and audited environment where SimCorp clients are in complete control on which services their system is in communication with.

System Performance Benchmark and Telemetry Apps

This is a continuation of the System Performance Benchmark introduced at GTS 2016. A number of SimCorp client participated in that project and shared anonymized telemetry data for a common SimCorp system benchmark. That way clients could see how their system performance stacked up against their peers. All data in the benchmark was anonymized, so you could only view the details of your own performance, however, you could easily pinpoint areas where your performance was over or below par.

The System Performance Benchmark is now turned into an app on the cloud that will be powered by data gathered using the Telemetry App. Participating clients will now share anonymized data via the cloud. The benefits are the same (match performance against peers, learn from peer best practice, identify pain points faster, resolve specific issues faster etc.). However, with online data sharing via the cloud you will receive a continuous flow of up-to-date data points, with data being gathered eight times per day from all subscribed clients.

Participation is free, and if you want to hear more about this project, fill in the form to the right.

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