Our success is built on our people

We at SimCorp develop solutions that help institutional investors to become more efficient and effective in growing their investment portfolios, wherever they are on the globe, ultimately developing the technology and building the infrastructure that enables savings to grow, so people can live with more financial security and opportunity – now and in retirement.

Our solutions help institutional investors protect and grow the savings and investments for millions of people around the world. 

A truly global company

Financial markets are interconnected beyond national borders, and as are we. With over 52 nationalities working at SimCorp, spread out over 23 countries, the opportunities are close to endless – but it’s more than that. All our employees still share one common goal: to provide investment managers with the most modern and feature rich investment management solution possible, while living a sustainable life themselves - wherever they find themselves on the globe. Because better lives for our team, means better results for our clients. It’s that simple.

It’s our belief that to enable them to stay ahead of the competition, we must work to illuminate better ways of working, together. That’s why our employees are the greatest asset we have – and we treat them accordingly!

Our people vision

It’s our belief that the intersection between culture, talent and perspectives is where innovation happens. That’s why we recognize, invest in, and value the uniqueness of every individual who works with us. It is our cultural fabric that unites us and sets us apart as a company. We foster collaboration, trust, integrity and respect across borders and boundaries, while supporting talent’s drive to elevate themselves and our clients’ businesses.

We promote this way of seeing through four key behavioral traits, which we believe are essential to achieving our Winning Aspiration:

  • We are Curious to learn, explore, and innovate in an open world
  • We have the Courage to take risks, make bold decisions and move ideas into action
  • We Collaborate across boundaries with trust, integrity, and respect
  • We are highly Capable and highly skilled, empowered to deliver outstanding results

Inquisitive + Inventive = Innovation

In an industry that is constantly changing and developing, SimCorp must stay ahead of the curve. Every day is a new and exciting opportunity to seize complex challenges and create innovative solutions to help our clients capitalize on them. If you dream of joining an industry where building the solutions of tomorrow was possible, dream no more. This is it.

I was encouraged to follow my ambitions and move from Belgium to New York. Global mobility is key to the organization.

Thierry Kelvin Ntwali
Senior Customer Service Consultant, USA

Where excellence meets a strong culture

Our teams are driven, and best in class while simultaneously being helpful and supportive. We’re immensely proud of our culture, and believe it’s the ideal ground of development and excellence. With an average of 7 years seniority and 71% of employees holding a Master’s degree, or higher, you will be surrounded by dedicated and skilled colleagues. While our work is complex and challenging, our solutions cannot be. To achieve well-working solutions for our clients, we work with dedication, passion and high expectations in close-knit teams.

Perpetual development

The industry is always changing, and we believe our team must always be learning to be able to change with it, as well as to shape it. Yesterday’s solutions rarely apply today, and that’s why we take your career development seriously. With a suite of career development tools, training and support we believe it’s our duty to help you grow personally and professionally. No matter if you’re a recent graduate or an experienced candidate, we see our relationship as a two-way partnership. If you are ready to grow, we invite you to grow with us. 

We are always on the lookout for talented new colleagues

Students and recent graduates

If you have a Master’s degree or a PhD (or are studying towards one) within IT, finance, economics, mathematics or similar field, you might have the competences we are looking for. 
At SimCorp, we invest heavily in the personal and professional development of our graduate and student employees. Whether you join one of our dedicated graduate programs or as a student assistant, you’ll receive a personalized introduction program tailored to your specific position and development needs. You’ll gain invaluable experience with on-the-job training, working side-by-side with skilled colleagues.
Find out from Helen Evans and Thierry Kelvin Ntwali, what it’s like to join SimCorp as a recent graduate.

Experienced candidates

With an average seniority of 7 years, we are a company built on deep knowledge and experience. Working in the niche between IT and the financial industry is both challenging and complex, so we need the best and brightest to drive our products and services forward.
We offer a variety of interesting positions and career paths, both for manager and specialist roles within software development, business consultancy, services, sales, marketing, finance and HR. If you are looking for a new career challenge and would like to surround yourself with skilled and passionate colleagues, SimCorp could be just the right place for you. 

Find out why we treasure technology and how we thrive in our agile development environment

SimCorp’s Product Division is ‘home’ to more than 650 skilled and creative technology professionals, developing best-in-class solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Working with us, you’ll enjoy the freedom of our scaled agile work environment. To date we have more than 75 agile teams working on quarterly two-week innovation sprints including two days of autonomous exploration – keeping us innovative and motivated.

Bridging the gap between technology and finance

Through technology, we aim to automate and streamline the work processes of institutional investors, and bridge the gap between these two worlds, transitioning between APL functional programming and risk portfolios; from machine learning to alpha generation; from C# to regulatory compliance such as MIFIR and SFTR. Operating at the convergence of these two huge industries is both complicated and challenging. That’s why we need the best of the best.


Sustainability at SimCorp

Acting responsibly is part of our DNA at SimCorp. We know sustainable change is about climate, but it’s also about enabling sustainable ESG investing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion among people

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