Managing alternative investments alongside traditional investments can be complex and challenging. Enhance your capabilities with SimCorp Dimension’s Alternative Investment Manager.

Imagine having all your investment exposures, across various asset classes, alternative and traditional, in one consolidated view atop a native investment book of records. SimCorp’s Alternative Investment Manager provides you with a holistic overview of your portfolio, whether you are dealing with equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, or any other asset class and can directly integrated with your EMS of choice, simplifying your workflow, streamlining operations, and reducing the risk of errors. 

With our Alternative Investment Manager, data-driven decisions are made easy with our simplified look-through tools, comprehensive analytics library and flexible data model ensuring you can make informed decisions to optimize your investment strategy from risk assessment to historical data analysis, without the need for endless spreadsheets and manual calculations. 

We have a proven track record of serving asset managers across public and alternative markets and our software is designed by experts who understand that every investment manager has specific needs. Read on to learn how we have helped traditional and alternative asset managers globally and how we can transform the way Apollo manages alts.

Having Alternatives in SimCorp Dimension gives us all our data in one system. We looked at other systems which were already intrenched in the alts. space, however, to address all requirements, it would require quite a bit of custom configuration and hence a longer implementation

Monica McNabb
VP Investment Operations, Alberta Investment Management Corporation

SimCorp for Asset Managers 

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With transparency across asset classes and operating models, SimCorp facilitates informed investment decisions. Over 300+ buyside firms trust us to manage trillions in hard earned assets on our platform and with our services. 

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We are a team of innovators with more than 50 years of experience doing one thing – building great products and services that work for you.  

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Just because your competitors use someone else’s proprietary system does not mean you have to. Be a trailblazer, choose transparency over esoteric platforms. It is never our way or the highway. Customer success is not just a platitude, it is what we are committed to, what we are measured on and rewarded for. We work tirelessly to orchestrate an ecosystem of innovation for you beginning with SimCorp and extending to over 70 fintech partners. 

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