Make sure your investment platform enables you to find it.

To ensure you maximize returns for your clients, you need to be able to see risk and performance across all your investments – in one place and in real time. Transparency across your portfolio is key. Additionally, to pull ahead of the competition you need to be able to harness innovation that will help you differentiate, scale, and increase your margins.

However often your operating model comprised of legacy systems, manual processes, poor data quality, and aging technology, gets in the way. Don’t let it take your focus away from alpha generation and facilitating asset inflows. You need to be able to future proof your operating model, to provision for growth whatever the market conditions. 

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How to power up your investment decisions

We turned to our Director of Strategy GTM Asset Management Dean McIntyre to get his thoughts on how you can power up your investment decisions to differentiate from the competition.
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Can you act with confidence to get the returns you deserve? Make a quick assessment   

  • Do you have a holistic and real-time view of risk and performance across all asset classes including private market and ESG investments in one place? 
  • Are you able to adjust to market dynamics quickly and inform investment decisions? 
  • Do you trust your data? Or do you spend too much time on manual reconciliations?  
  • Do you have an accurate view of your investable cash?  
  • Are you satisfied with the time and cost involved in launching new investment mandates? 
  • Do you lack a firm wide view on investment risk?  
  • Do you have on-demand access to portfolio analytics to drive actionable insights without having to wait on other teams? 
  • Are you able to quickly apply firm wide compliance rules?  
  • Are you able to tag all your investments on a strategy and a sub-strategy level? 
  • Do you have the capability to onboard new innovative fintech tools without the burden of sourcing them, building interfaces and ensuring they plug into your portfolio management ecosystem? 
  • Do you have standard views and workflows for your teams but still provision for individual flexibility wherever needed?  

Say no more!  We are here to help.   

We’ve designed an investment management platform that gives you the freedom to hunt down alpha wherever it may be hiding. No matter your current or preferred operating model our portfolio management and trading platform and performance and risk solutions will enable you to act with confidence and speed. They are powered by a trusted real-time position keeping (IBOR), comprehensive investment operations services and open partner ecosystem to serve your investment needs.
Besides faster time to market, we achieved a better transparency for our risk exposure. We also have a better understanding of where our performance or outperformance derive from, and therefore we can produce a more sustained outperformance.

Claudio-Peter Prutz
Head of Digital Business Services at MEAG

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With transparency across asset classes and operating models, SimCorp facilitates informed investment decisions. Over 300+ buyside firms trust us to manage trillions in hard earned assets on our platform and with our services. 

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We are a team of innovators with more than 50 years of experience doing one thing – building great products and services that work for you.  

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Just because your competitors use someone else’s proprietary system does not mean you have to. Be a trailblazer, choose transparency over esoteric platforms. It is never our way or the highway. Customer success is not just a platitude, it is what we are committed to, what we are measured on and rewarded for. We work tirelessly to orchestrate an ecosystem of innovation for you beginning with SimCorp and extending to over 70 fintech partners. 

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