Scaling operations requires a flexible and efficient operating model that adjusts with your changing needs. A model that gives you more automation and less manual reconciliation processes. One that gives you a holistic, transparent view of positions, exposures and cash across your entire value chain.  

Multiple siloed systems with inefficient workflows and manual workarounds creates higher operating costs and operational risks. Having ONE investment management platform allows you to easily scale into new asset classes and gives you a clear view of your portfolios. 

It also allows your people to focus on value adding tasks that can contribute to your long-term financial performance outlook. 

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Embracing a new operating reality

The InvestOps Report 2024 is out! The survey reveals that intensifying competition and rising operating costs are changing buy-side executives’ priorities for 2024. Get your copy to see where your peers are focusing resources for the year.

Empower your front office teams to make the most informed decisions

With the current market volatility, front office teams need the most up-to-date data to make informed and timely investment decisions and mitigate risks. This is especially critical when diversifying into complex assets.  

Our proven IBOR as a single source of data enables asset managers to scale with fast onboarding of new books, portfolios and assets. It provides a holistic, transparent and real-time view of positions, cash, risk, performance and ESG across all asset classes - including complex instruments, private assets – all in one place. This complete overview gives your front office teams the confidence to make their best investment decisions. 

Client Story


MEAG, one of the world’s largest asset managers, expanded their usage of SimCorp Dimension in the front office to support investment activities globally. Learn what drove this decision and the business outcomes achieved. 

Besides faster time to market, we achieved a better transparency for our risk exposure. We also have a better understanding of where our performance or outperformance derive from, and therefore we can produce a more sustained outperformance.

Claudio-Peter Prutz, Chief Information Officer, MEAG 

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