CalPERS is currently in a position of strength. Your funding ratio moved from 60 to 80 in the last five years and your pension pool grew 2.5 times since 2000 with over 50% of funds coming from investment returns.

How can you ensure CalPERS’ long-term sustainability amid market swings? The key lies in your data. 

Multiple siloed, legacy IT systems and unresponsive 3rd party servicers lead to delayed data, data breaks and inefficient workflows. Manual workarounds can help short term, but what happens when you want to add new complex asset classes, or calculate your exposure after the latest banking crisis? Fragmented processes and data strip you of the ability to respond to rapid market changes.

Explore how we can help you with portfolio management & trading and performance & risk management, ESG data management  and comprehensive investment operations services while ensuring you have access to real-time position keeping with IBOR.

Three questions for an expert

The risks of delayed data for public pensions

You need timely and reliable data to evaluate if your investment strategy aligns with the fund’s long-term goals. To understand how public pensions can address data challenges, we asked our industry expert these three questions:

1. What is keeping public pensions from acquiring timely, accurate data?
2. What are the market trends that will continue to make pension funds heavily reliant on such data?
3. Where should you start in building a total portfolio view for better risk management?

Driving returns from complex assets doesn’t have to be complex

Many pension plans like yours are increasing allocations to alternative assets to generate long-term returns. CalPER’s ambition to expand into private equity and private debt is in line with the much-needed diversification to mitigate risk and protect against volatility. But as you know, private markets also bring a layer of complexity with more overhead and oversight. 

Our alternative investment solution allows you to see alternatives and traditional assets in on place. Imagine achieving the same STP rates for both traditional and alternative instruments.

How ATP consolidated IT platforms to better manage alternatives

As a major investor in alternative investments, ATP saw great value from consolidating their IT platforms from two systems, down to one.

We now have only one position system with all the consistency and efficiency benefits it provides.

Philip Bæk Christiansen, Head of Finance and Tax, ATP 

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