Are you confident you can support your mandate to promote sustainable economic development?

To meet your mission to foster economic development and sustainability, you need a diversified investment strategy. Yet when you manage complex portfolios, combining liquid and private assets with ESG factors, you have a major data challenge. 

Many asset owners are asking how can we balance portfolio diversification with all its data and risk challenges and still scale to deliver the sustainable growth we need?

The status quo technology isn’t helping. Multiple siloed systems, data breaks and reconciliation issues increase risk. Especially in today’s volatile and difficult market conditions.

A scalable operating model supported by modern technology will give you what you need - a holistic view of positions for all asset classes, accurate real-time data and transparency across your entire portfolios.

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Embracing a new operating reality

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How we helped ADIA improve operational efficiency  

ADIA took measures to future-proof their operating model, ultimately supporting the fund’s ability to meet their objectives.

The investment landscape is evolving at a rapid rate and, in order to sustain success in this dynamic environment, ADIA will continue to pursue initiatives to increase operational agility and efficiency

Mohamed Darwish Al-Khoori,
Executive Director, Information Technology Department, ADIA

Client story

ADIA leverages technology to increase operational agility and efficiency

With more than 40 years of experience, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is one of the world’s leading institutional investors. Discover how ADIA leverages SimCorp’s technology to increase operational agility and efficiency.

How we help Sovereign Wealth and Pension funds around the world

This Norwegian investor, moved away from outsourcing operations and running multiple systems as it became difficult to fully understand what was going on and to make improvements. To take on multi-asset investment strategies, the organization decided to build a new simplified data foundation based on SimCorp Dimension.

AIMCo, a Canadian investor, leveraged the multi-asset capabilities of SimCorp Dimension to gain a single source of truth across traditional and illiquid assets with enhanced real-time views to better understand exposure and look-through. All data related to illiquid asset classes is now accessible. They have also insourced all investment accounting, which saved considerable costs and improved STP rates. 

Through a consolidated approach to its operations, Temasek moved from multiple systems to one central and integrated platform. Along with increased operational efficiency, enhanced functionality and extensive instrument coverage, the successful transformation program has provided greater governance and control. The move also supported the firm’s strategic ambition for improved end-to-end automation. 



SimCorp for Sovereign Wealth Funds

Why Partner with Us? 

We empower your investment teams in making timely, informed decisions

  • True cross-asset, front-to-back solution, based on single source of truth
  • Holistic view of positions, real time
  • Consolidation of internal and external positions
  • Unlock investments in new sectors
  • Liability Driven Investments support

We help you mitigate risks

  • Investment and data transparency with best-in-class exposure monitoring and reconciliation
  • A single view of all positions and exposures
  • Combined internal and external data

Data is our core focus

  • Fast access to reliable, quality data through one platform to manage internal and external data
  • Ability to analyze ESG data 
  • Scalability

Retain talent

  • We enable your team to focus on core business and value-added tasks

The partner of choice selected by 50% of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • A large community of asset owner clients with international best practices and standards
  • Growing presence in Middle East
  • Complying with international accounting standards and multiple jurisdictions
  • Stability in terms of ownership, strategy, vision and consistent R&D commitments year after year
  • Ability to provide installation on premise or in the cloud
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