“Putting members first” is the reason USAA has been around for 100 successful years. You’ve been pioneers in the insurance space by creating a meaningful customer experience driven by tech innovation and data. 

How you use data and analytics not only benefits your members financially, but creates an integrated digital experience across products. The same can be true when it comes to your business—you can reap tremendous benefits by integrating data across your investment management and accounting business. 

Because what good is data when it’s run on fragmented systems? The reality is that it’s become commonplace to put up with outdated and inconsistent data moving through multiple systems. Decoding what data is real and useful puts a strain on your talent and ultimately affects the bottom line.

Struggling with data governance through the investment lifecycle does not have to be part of your remit. Having ONE integrated investment management and accounting platform reduces costs and operational risks, gives you an accurate view of your portfolios, and helps you achieve regulatory compliance. 

Client Story

How this North American insurance company saves $50M through operational efficiencies

This multinational insurer has experienced significant cost reductions after implementing our investment management platform for their investment activities, consolidating legacy systems and automating all workflows.

SimCorp for Insurance

Why Partner with Us? 

We are committed to solving your challenges. Our integrated, front-to-back, multi-asset investment management and accounting platform is custodian agnostic, giving you a complete portfolio view to make informed investment decisions.

SimCorp for Insurance covers all your needs to generate returns to meet your obligations:

  • Real-time accounting analytics natively available in the front office for immediate use in investment decisions.
  • Full management of investments from portfolio construction and optimization, analysis and risk, trading and compliance, to private markets and ESG investing, all in one place.
  • Standardized reporting frameworks allow for effective compliance of both local and international reporting standards: multi-asset class accounting and regulatory reporting frameworks allow for effective compliance, always. It includes but is not limited to US STAT, US GAAP, and US TAX.
  • Choose the operating model that fits you: Need a full front-to-back solution? Great. Don’t want the hassle of managing part or all of the operations? No problem, opt for our tech-enabled business service.
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