Some jobs are beautifully difficult

Let's be honest, most of the important things in life are a bit difficult. Otherwise, they wouldn't be that important, would they? But difficult is good because difficult is another word for exciting.

Come join us

So, if you – like us – get a kick out of things that are not easy to begin with, and if you would love to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, then join our team of 2,500+ developers, engineers, mathematicians, consultants and other problem-solvers.


SimCorp’s Head of Investments carries a moonshot mentality in the pursuit of boundaries

Hugues Chabanis wants to challenge limits in both his career and personal life, driven by his mindset. This led him to recently compete in the demanding Paris-Brest-Paris bike race, a renowned test of endurance.

Our equation

What makes SimCorp a special place to work at?
Our unique workplace equation is your guide to a great career and personal development here at simCorp. It’s a guiding principle for everything we do. And we think it is an excellent checklist for our job offer and your next job.

What we do is keeping the world running. So, you will have no problems explaining to your close ones that you make a difference.

What we work with is difficult, so we promise to challenge you, keep you sharp and above the competition.

What we take out of the important and difficult challenges is excitement. Cracking that complex nut into a simple solution is what gets us (and you) going.

What we do at SimCorp

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