Challenge becomes opportunity

Find out what it’s like working with us and how we support your career development goals. Take a moment to browse our current job openings and hear from some of our employees.

At SimCorp, our success is built on our people

Our clients rely on our ability to constantly be at the cutting edge of software technology for the financial industry, and our know-how is the strategic foundation of all our business activities. Therefore, we invest in the continuous development of our employees and their careers.

To support our constantly growing business, we are continually looking for students and recent graduates, as well as experienced candidates to join our global team. Learn more about what we can offer in terms of your career development below.

Students and recent graduates

If you have a Master’s degree or a PhD (or are studying towards one) within IT, finance, economics or mathematics or similar, we’d like to hear from you.

At SimCorp, we invest in the personal and professional development of our graduate and student employees. Whether you join one of our dedicated graduate programs or as a student assistant during your studies, you’ll receive a personalized introduction program tailored to match your specific development needs and our business strategy. Furthermore, your learning will continue with on-the-job training, together with your skilled colleagues and a personal buddy to help you settle in.

Find out from Helen Evans and Thierry Kelvin Ntwali, what it is like to join SimCorp as a recent graduate.

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 Helen Evans 
Starting at SimCorp as a new graduate was great. I was able to get the support and the structure I needed to tailor my opportunities and establish my own goals. Helen Evans, Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Experienced candidates

With an average of 7 years seniority, we are a company built on experience. Bridging the gap between IT and the financial industry is both challenging and complex, so we need the best and brightest to drive our products and services forward.

We offer various interesting career paths, both for manager and specialist positions in in IT and technical roles, software development, business consultancy, services, sales, marketing, finance and HR. If you are looking for your next career challenge and want to surround yourself with skilled and passionate colleagues, join SimCorp today.

Find out from Caroline Leclerc what it is like to work at SimCorp.

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 Caroline Leclerc 
As my career ambitions evolve, SimCorp gives me room to grow - I appreciate I've had the opportunity to move between different working environments.Caroline Leclerc, Senior Presales Consultant, France

Development opportunities

To support your professional and personal development, we have put in place support tools such as the Career & Competency Framework, continuous development talks, five full-scale academies focusing on Leadership, Project Management, Sales, Software Engineering and our core product, SimCorp Dimension.

Whether you enter SimCorp as a recent graduate or an expert with 20 years industry experience, we are committed to investing in your continued personal and professional development.

International assignments

With offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for short- and long-term assignments, whenever there is a business demand.

International assignments are a great opportunity for all parties. It allows us to match the right people to the right projects and secure internal knowledge transfer worldwide, while offering you an exciting and relevant career path.

 Thierry kelvin Ntwali 
I was encouraged to follow my ambitions and move from Belgium to New York. Global mobility is key to the organization.Thierry Kelvin Ntwali, Senior Customer Service Consultant, New York