Challenge becomes opportunity

At SimCorp, our success is built on our people

At SimCorp we develop solutions that help investment managers become more efficient and effective in growing their investment portfolios. This ultimately enables retirement savers and investors to live with more financial stability and opportunity.

Our clients rely on us for our ability to constantly be on the cutting edge of software technology for the financial industry, and our knowledge is the foundation for everything we do. Consequently, our employees are the greatest asset we have – and we treat them accordingly!

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We embrace diversity

We believe that reflecting the diversity of the world around us makes us more dynamic, innovative and successful in the marketplace. This is why we strive to be an inclusive workplace that welcomes people of all views and backgrounds, and offers equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, religion, age, national origin, and sexual orientation.

To support our constantly growing business, we are always looking for a variety of candidates to join our global and local teams.


Wade Saadi, Senior Engagement Manager in SimCorp North America, has worked with several other large industry players. To him, SimCorp is a very special place.

Students and recent graduates

If you have a Master’s degree or a PhD (or are studying towards one) within IT, finance, economics, mathematics or similar field, you might have the competences we are looking for.

At SimCorp, we invest heavily in the personal and professional development of our graduate and student employees. Whether you join one of our dedicated graduate programs or as a student assistant, you’ll receive a personalized introduction program tailored to your specific position and development needs. You’ll gain invaluable experience with on-the-job training, working side-by-side with skilled colleagues.

Find out from Helen Evans and Thierry Kelvin Ntwali, what it’s like to join SimCorp as a recent graduate.

Experienced candidates

With an average seniority of 7 years, we are a company built on deep knowledge and experience. Working in the niche between IT and the financial industry is both challenging and complex, so we need the best and brightest to drive our products and services forward.

We offer a variety of interesting positions and career paths, both for manager and specialist roles, within software development, business consultancy, services, sales, marketing, finance and HR. If you are looking for a new career challenge and would like to surround yourself with skilled and passionate colleagues, SimCorp could be just the right place for you.


Jenny Ravenscroft started in SimCorp’s Product Development in Copenhagen, but her pursuit of new adventures took her to the US where she now lives with her family, still eager to try new things …