Difficult jobs for curious people

Let's be honest, most of the important things in life are a bit difficult. Otherwise, they wouldn't be that important, would they? But difficult is good because difficult is another word for exciting.

What we do

At SimCorp, we develop the world's leading investment management solutions providing critical infrastructure for the investment of incomprehensible sums each day, year-round. This is no easy task, but it is important – not least for all the hard-working people around the world relying on pension funds to invest their money wisely. If you will, investments are what transform our increasingly complex world.

Who we are

We are thrilled by that level of challenge and responsibility; to make the important and difficult stuff better and even simpler. This calls for a special ingredient. Ours lies in our culture and values. Even though we work across more than 20 offices with 60 different nationalities worldwide, we insist on keeping things informal, close and simple. We believe it is something that comes from our Scandinavian heritage.

This enables us to operate with an entrepreneurial mindset and set new winning standards again and again — for us and our clients. Right now, we are doing it by transforming ourselves from a software company to a cloud-based service company that strives to enable a prosperous life in a liveable world. Just like we as a company are pursuing new paths with an open mindset.

Come join us

So, if you – like us – get a kick out of things that are not easy to begin with, and if you would love to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, then join our family of 2,000+ developers, engineers, mathematicians, consultants and other problem-solvers. And for perspective, look at this equation: important = difficult = exciting.


We think it is an excellent checklist for your next job. Is it important so that you can make a real difference? Is it difficult, so it challenges you, keeps you sharp and above the competition? And is it exciting so you really enjoy your work and take that joy with you to other aspects of life? If you agree, well, you know where to find us. Jobs @SimCorp: Difficult jobs for curious people

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