There is never just one route

We don’t have a job for you – we are offering you a growth path. How wild will it be? That’s up to you.

Find you own career path at SimCorp

At SimCorp we don’t belive in a one-size-fits-all for talents and careers. Instead we urge people to seek and identify multiple paths for personal growth. Your journey could be geographical, in leadership, specialization or in a unique and fruitful combination of all three. 

In other words: we offer you the ride; you decide where it is going. 

Meet your future colleagues

Get to know some of the people who work here, learn more about some of the different roles and find out why we love working at SimCorp. We have asked some of our more than 2,500+ employees around the world to answer some questions that could be relevant for you. So they have grapped their smartphone and recorded some short videos, where they intuitively gives their own and honest perspective of working at SimCorp.

What is your experience with learning from your colleagues?

Alexandru Pricop
Global Revenue Operations Specialist

What is your best advice to a new employee at SimCorp?

Malene Maegaard Krohn
VP, PD Excellence

What do you find most interesting about your job?

Johannes Frank
Business Performance and Transformation Principal

Meenal & Jeppe 
Software engineers at SimCorp 

Coffee Talk About SimCorp

Is SimCorp really Denmark’s best kept job secret? And what’s it like working with Fintech? Get the answers, when we meet Jeppe and Meenal, who both work as software engineers at SimCorp in Copenhagen.

Want to know how the recruitment process is at SimCorp?

Learn about the recriutment process, the onboarding process and get tips on how to prepare for the interview.