We are evolving and so are our values

More than 50 years of constantly change to meet the market expectations, requires a solid character, strong culture and a truly Scandinavian based value set.

Come, discover a flat world

At SimCorp, we develop the world's leading investment management solutions providing critical infrastructure for the investment of incomprehensible sums each day, year-round. This is no easy task, but it is important – not least for all the people around the world relying on pension funds to invest their money wisely. If you will, investments are what transform our increasingly complex world.

Our values guide our actions and decisions every day and we can use them as a compass to check how our choices fit our organizational goals. You can really say that our culture is our cornerstone.

Marlene Nyholm Voss
Chief People and Culture Officer

Come navigate through our 5C compass

At SimCorp our strong company culture is what makes us a great company with behaviors, deeply rooted in how we work and collaborate.
Our 5C's are our values - the DNA of our culture.

Define your career

We don’t have a job for you – we are offering you a growth path. How wild will it be? That’s up to you.​