Experienced Front End / DevOps Developer — Investment Analytics

Location: Copenhagen, DK

Why this role is important to us 

SimCorp is developing a new state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service solution, which will allow our clients to interact with, and analyze their investments in a modernized web application. It is connected to a high-performance computing calculation engine, thus combining more than 50 years of industry-leading experience of SimCorp with a modern user experience and cloud computing, enabling users to do in minutes what used to take hours.

The above is just the first steps, new software services will also be built and connected in a manner not unlike classical micro-services. These new services will all feed into the web application.

Your responsibilities

  • Coordinate and execute on development and maintenance of the Investment App, in collaboration with product owners and other teams building the calculation engine.
  • Investigate and implement best practices for code quality in a trunk-based CI/CD context
  • Ensuring a coherent user experience in close collaboration with both designers and product owners.
  • Learn who our users are, and what kind of business value we deliver to them

What will you work with?

  • Angular (Typescript) with Angular Materials
  • C# .Net, always on the latest version
  • Code Design and architecture
  • Git (Azure DevOps), with CI/CD
  • Azure (Infrastructure as Code)

Who are you?

  • You have a DevOps mindset – we build it, we run it, we keep it running.
  • You understand the importance of automatic testing of business-critical functionality.
  • You are able to solve complex problems in a structured manner.
  • You are enthusiastic about building state-of-the-art software, and have the mindset needed to make others understand your ideas.
  • You are good at coordinating with both programmers and non-programmers, to ensure a full understanding of tasks.
  • You care about the experience that the end-user will have of the product.

What it is like to work here

SimCorp plans work in an agile manner, using 4 planning intervals (PI’s) per year, each consisting of 5 sprints of 2 weeks each, followed by a 3-week Innovation and Planning sprint, which can be used for mastering skills in various areas, or more freely investigating ideas with prototypes.


Competitive salary, bonus scheme, and pension are essential for any work agreement. However, in SimCorp, we believe we can offer more. Therefore, in addition to the traditional benefit scheme, we provide an excellent work & life balance: flexible work hours, a hybrid workplace model. On top of that, we have IP sprints where you have 3 weeks per quarter you can spend on mastering your skills as well as contributing to the company development. There is never just only one route - we practice an individual approach to professional development to support the direction you want to take. 

Who we are 
For over 50 years, we have worked closely with investment and asset managers to become the world’s leading provider of integrated investment management solutions. We are 2,300+ colleagues with a broad range of nationalities, educations, professional experiences, ages, and backgrounds in general. SimCorp is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a culture where diverse perspectives and expertise are integrated in our everyday work. We believe in the continual growth and development of our employees, so that we can provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. While striving to deliver client value, we believe it is vital to consider our people and our planet in every business decision we make. Acting responsibly is not optional. It is essential. 

Finally, we also have a well-stocked in-building bar, that serves as an excellent place to meet new people, should one be so tempted.