Financial Data Analyst

Location: Noida, IN


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The Financial Data Analyst is responsible to execute the collection, composition, control and distribution of market and master data for financial instruments (Equities, Funds, Fixed Income, ABTS/MBS, OTS Derivatives, etc.) for various SimCorp clients and in accordance of the effective SLA agreements. 
Furthermore, this role is responsible for answering client questions and conduct all necessary data analyses of financial instruments data to resolve service delivery incidents to continue service delivery. The role is also responsible to adhere to all relevant operational risk as well as data governance and quality frameworks. Eventually, this role also requires demonstrating very client-focused mindset, substantial know-how of financial instruments (such as Equities, Fixed Income, ABS/MBS, etc.) and provide coaching to other members.


• Executes all daily service deliverables in terms of collecting, composing, controlling, and distributing financial instrument data according to effective client SLAs
• Execution of all quality checks part of the service scope and strict adherence to existing runbook(s) as well as data quality and governance frameworks and conduct first data analysis in case of unexpected data behaviour
• Resolve all data questions, service requests and requested audit support raised by clients in a timely and professional manner to ensure customer satisfaction and SLA compliance 
• Perform all necessary tasks to comply existing operational risk frameworks (e.g., Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX), Risk and Control Engine (RACE) etc.) 
• Proactively support and contribute to continuous improvement of operational processes (with predominant focus on manual processes and/or high-risk areas), data quality checks and system functionality
• Work with local/regional clients to identify specific requirements, special data treatment or any other client demands which need to be delivered as part of the service scope
• Experience working cross-organizationally with both Business and Technology groups.
• Perform continuous know-how exchange between the different Data Operations teams in terms of processes, incidents, documentation, or other open topics to avoid know-how silos/gaps and assure service level consistency
• Monitor and report any kind of issues along the data supply chain including but not limited to interface issues, missing data files or interrupted business processes and trigger the necessary resolution processes to ensure service delivery continuation
• Maintain documentation in terms of business processes, functional descriptions, operational runbooks, or other manuals to ensure information transparency and enable know-how transfers


For the Financial Analyst position, we value.

1. Experience with data vendor feeds (Bloomberg, IDC, Reuters, etc.) and display products, 5-6 years
2. Deep knowledge of traditional and non-traditional financial instruments and markets including structured securities, Swaps, especially complex instruments like ABS/MBS, index linked bonds, and syndicated loans.
3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in finance or engineering
4. Solving master and reference data issues based on exception handling, 5-6 years
5. Experience of data integration on any EDM platform, 5-6 years
6. Applying operational data management and data governance, 3-4 years
7. Process design and engineering experience, 3-4 years
8. Experience with service request systems or any other similar ticketing tool, like HPALM, Service Now Salesforce, etc., 4-5 years

1. Ability to troubleshoot technical glitches in existing data process and coordinate with Technology team to resolve.
2. Experience in developing process automation, improvements, and streamlining using tools like KNIME, Alteryx, Excel VBA and/or scripting on programming language such as Python, PowerShell including intermediate knowledge of SQL.


Benefits Competitive salary, bonus scheme, and pension are essential for any work agreement. However, in SimCorp, we believe we can offer more. Therefore, in addition to the traditional benefit scheme, we provide an excellent work & life balance: flexible work hours, a hybrid workplace model. 
On top of that, we have IP sprints where you have 3 weeks per quarter you can spend on mastering your skills as well as contributing to the company development. There is never just only one route -we practice an individual approach to professional development to support the direction you want to take.


Please click below to apply or get in touch with Swati Pal, Talent Partner on to learn more about the vacancy and what SimCorp offers regarding salary, benefits, and perks. Applications are continuously assessed, so please send your CV in English as soon as possible. If you are interested in being a part of SimCorp but are not sure this role is the 
right fit, submit your CV anyway. SimCorp is on an exciting growth journey, and our Talent Acquisition Team is ready to help you discover the right role for you. The approximate time to consider your CV is three weeks.
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