Functional Programming Software Engineer for OTC Core Product Area

Location: Copenhagen, DK; Warsaw, PL

Do you have what it takes to develop financial software using both object-oriented and functional programming languages? Then an interesting career could be awaiting you in SimCorp!  

The position  
As our new Software Engineer, you will join SimCorp’s Product Division, a full-scale agile organization. Here, you will become part of a cross functional and cross located agile team which is responsible for delivering functionality within a specific module of our product SimCorp Dimension. You will apply your talents to all stages of the development lifecycle, including creation and review of user stories, development, design, testing, coding, code reviews, writing automated tests, and support. You will be using multiple technologies, and your responsibilities will also include:  

  • Developing core functionality to support the business modules  

  • Working with product management to refine new features  

  • Maintaining the existing code base  

  • Be part of reviewing product code and formulate test scenarios  

  • Working as part of your agile team to reach the definition of done each sprint  

  • Constantly learning and developing yourself, the team and our product  

Your qualifications  

  • A solid understanding of one or more functional programming languages (OCaml, Standard ML, F#, Scala, Haskell) 

  • C# skills, good insight to the .NET framework and object-oriented software design and programming is an advantage 

  • You are a team player who actively seeks collaboration to find optimal solutions  

  • You are interested and able to work with complex architecture, both front- and back-end  

  • You hold a M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science or a similar field  

Furthermore, we value that you 

  • have motivation to work within the financial domain  

  • are willing to acquire other technical and programming skills, for instance APL  

  • have the desire to develop and maintain automated tests, underlying frameworks, and their integration into CI/CD pipelines 

  • have strong collaboration and communication skills and fluency in English (written and spoken)  

  • actively learn through experimentation when tackling the latest problems, using experiences from both successes and failures  

  • can introduce new ways of looking at problems and that you can take creative ideas and put them into practice  

  • think about the entire system and can identify and implement ways to continuously improve  


Competitive salary, bonus scheme, and pension are essential for any work agreement. However, in SimCorp, we believe we can offer more. Therefore, in addition to the traditional benefit scheme, we provide an excellent work & life balance: flexible work hours, a hybrid workplace model. On top of that, we have IP sprints where you have 3 weeks per quarter you can spend on mastering your skills as well as contributing to the company development. There is never just only one route - we practice an individual approach to professional development to support the direction you want to take.