Operations Delivery Manager

Location: Toronto, CA


  • Customer specific operations specialist
  • Own and deliver contractual obligation against assigned customer
  • Influence SCDaaS peers globally by working across all regions
  • Strong collaboration with peers
  • Develop solutions and provide recommendations to complex operational problems
  • Works through the organization, stakeholders, and process to execute complex changes

About the Role:

Document, operationalize, and sustain steady state production services for BAU clients.  Reviews operational readiness of on-boarding clients before go-live.  Delivery of all client obligations, performance of preventive maintenance, and management of required capacity.  Orchestrate changes affecting client’s environment through agreed upon processes and change definitions.   Contributes to improve service availability and reliability though systemic execution of corrective/preventive fixes.  Maintains risks, actions, issues, and decisions aligned with client.

The ODM brings value by focusing on the operational relationship between SCDaaS and client:

  • Operationalizes SCDaaS to the client:  Manages communications and interaction with the client.  Assesses SCDaaS performance to the client through the SDM (through SLA, CAB, or IM bridge).
  • Client specialist: Possess an intimate and current understanding of the environment, obligations, and operational needs of the customer.  Ensure operational awareness of customer pain points and critical/major incidents.   Participate in the escalation matrix for the client.
  • Maintains operational stability:  Meet customer needs by promoting a steady but stable release of changes and implementation of systemic fixes that address reliability (problem management)
  • Grows relationships:  Partners with Service Delivery Manager, works with hosting providers (vendor management), collaborates across the organization.
  • Manages client’s portfolio: Prioritize all related customer activities by maintaining a forward-looking view of plans for the next 12 to 18 months. 
  • Drives execution of deliverables: Works across the organization to complete contract obligations that include annual upgrades, DR testing, capacity management and preventive maintenance.
  • Promote client awareness:   Share information that leads to increased awareness about the client.  Including training and presentation to the organization of plans, challenges, and opportunities.   Develops KBA and maintains RAID log.
  • Critical thinker:  Has the ability to look at the big picture, articulate the problem, and can work either independently or collaboratively to create a solution path.
  • Strong time management and priority setting skills:  Proven experience of being able to manage multiple competing priorities and set realistic time goals for committed deliverables.

Key Internal Stakeholders that Delivery Manager partners with:

  • Service Delivery Manager / Customer Experience Manager / Project Manager
  • IT Delivery Manager / Technical Leads / Workstreams

Key Qualifications:

  • At least 6 to 8 years operational delivery management experience
  • Proven experience of working with external clients of varying size and complexity
  • Deep familiarity of with mission-critical services
  • Strong communication skills
  • ITIL certified with practical experience collaborating with clients
  • Critical and independent thinker; but is also collaborative and values team engagement
  • Proactive and takes ownership of assigned areas
  • Experienced with global organizations and worked with diverse culture


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