Operations Delivery Manager

Location: Toronto, CA

About us:

At SimCorp, Delivery Management roles within Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Operations, are process/operations specialist tasked with leading the deployment, testing, integration, and daily operation of our cloud hosted platforms running SimCorp Dimension. 

We take the reins of running, upgrading, and managing services so that our clients can focus on what they do best – investing and growing assets!

About the role:

Document, operationalize, and sustain steady state production services for BAU clients.  Reviews operational readiness of on-boarding clients before go-live.  Delivery of all client obligations, performance of preventive maintenance, and management of required capacity.  Orchestrate changes affecting client’s environment through agreed upon processes and change definitions.   Contributes to improve service availability and reliability though systemic execution of corrective/preventive fixes.  Maintains risks, actions, issues, and decisions aligned with client.

Operationalizes processes following standard/repeatable ITIL framework.  Assist in the day-to-day operational requirements that are needed to fix incidents, complete maintenance, and release changes.  Helps with vendor relationship and works externally to plan and coordinate needed activities to maintain a stable environment.


Essential/Must Have

  • Solid professional experience with a minimum of 3 years being in ITIL Operations oriented role.
  • Comfortable working with multiple clients and different stakeholders
  • Capable of being an independent contributor with a strong passion towards operational health
  • Committed problem solver and keen awareness of SLA and KPI objectives.


  • ITIL V4 certified.
  • Experienced working in the financial sector and/or IT professional services sector
  • Understanding of infrastructure


  • Completed execution of contracted obligations that include environment maintenance, application upgrades, disaster recovery testing, capacity management, and preventive maintenance.
  • Addressed simultaneously different operational needs that may be from the tactical to strategic.
  • Prioritized competing customer and operational activities.
  • Managed multiple vendor relationships.
  • Practiced ITIL Service Operations - Incidents, Problems, and Changes


  • Analytical and critical thinker – sees a problem as an opportunity waiting to be addressed!
  • Quick learner - curious to learn, explore and innovate to deliver reliability for our SaaS services.
  • Independent starter - have courage to step into the unknown, be innovative and take the initiative.
  • Team Player - collaborate across boundaries, build rapport with colleagues to share knowledge and solve problems.


  • Operationalizes PaaS to the client:  Manages communications and interaction with the client.  Assesses SCDaaS performance to the client through the SDM (through SLA, CAB, or IM bridge).
  • Client specialist: Possess an intimate and current understanding of the environment, obligations, and operational needs of the customer.  Ensure operational awareness of customer pain points and critical/major incidents.   Participate in the escalation matrix for the client.
  • Maintains operational stability:  Meet customer needs by promoting a steady but stable release of changes and implementation of systemic fixes that address reliability (problem management)
  • Grows relationships:  Partners with Service Delivery Manager, works with hosting providers (vendor management), collaborates across the organization.
  • Manages client’s portfolio: Prioritize all related customer activities by maintaining a forward-looking view of plans for the next 12 to 18 months. 
  • Drives execution of deliverables: Works across the organization to complete contract obligations that include annual upgrades, DR testing, capacity management and preventive maintenance.
  • Promote client awareness:   Share information that leads to increased awareness about the client.  Including training and presentation to the organization of plans, challenges, and opportunities.   Develops KBA and maintains RAID log.
  • Manages operational continuity:  Manage risks that could impact services by assigning and deploying capacity to meet day-to-day challenges (e.g., incidents, service requests, and change release)
  • Critical incident management:  Runs the bridge and secure necessary resources in fixing an incident to restore services/availability.  Manages the communication through regular updates.  Prepare the PIR and RCA as the Problem Manager. 
  • Promote ITIL awareness:   Share information that leads to increased awareness about ITIL.  Including training and presentation to the organization of plans, challenges, and opportunities.   Develops KBA and maintains RAID log.


  • Service Delivery / CX manager
  • ITSM Delivery Manager
  • Technical team

About SimCorp:

For over 50 years, we have worked closely with investment and asset managers to become the world’s leading provider of integrated investment management solutions. We are 2,300+ colleagues with a broad range of nationalities, educations, professional experiences, ages, and backgrounds in general.

SimCorp is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a culture where diverse perspectives and expertise are integrated in our everyday work. We believe in the continual growth and development of our employees, so that we can provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. While striving to deliver client value, we believe it is vital to consider our people and our planet in every business decision we make. Acting responsibly is not optional. It is essential.

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If you would like to know more about the job, please apply. You can also contact Fedja P. Pajic (EMEA Recruitment), email: fedja.p.pajic@simcorp.com. Applications are continuously assessed, so please send your application as soon as possible.

Please include CV and motivational letter. Incoming applications will be processed on an ongoing basis.