Senior C# Developer

Location: Copenhagen, DK

Why this role is important to us

High-quality, performing, secure, and cost-effective software is at the core of what we do. To build and maintain this software, software engineers are essential to us.

You will be working in a self-organized scrum team. The team improves and supports set of modules within the Data Warehouse product area. The team are busy supporting our new Cloud Data Warehouse offer (powered by Snowflake) as well as supporting our existing Simcorp Data Warehouse on Oracle enhancements for which we already have over 90 clients globally.

What you will be resposible for
In your daily work, you will collaborate with your team to:

  • Design, develop and test new features as well as support the existing product
  • Communicate and collaborate with Product Owners, Technical Leads during feature analysis, refinement, development and implementation
  • Initiate technical and process enhancements in the team
  • Be proactive to improve automation, tools, frameworks, etc.
  • Work as a fintech developer

What we value

Most importantly, you can see yourself contributing and thriving in the position described above. How you gained the skills needed for doing that is less important. We expect you to be good at several of the following and be able to - and interested in - learning the rest:

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a C# developer
  • Good insight to the object-oriented software design and programming
  • Experience in Azure, SQL, test-automation and cloud software solutions in general is an advantage
  • Experience in data modelling, data warehouse and business intelligence are an advantage
  • You hold a degree in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, or a similar field 
  • A mindset embracing the agile principles and being able to adapt to new working situations as part of an Agile team is an advantage
  • An open-minded mentality and ability to connect with people are key
  • Curiosity and openness to learning new things in a complex business area

    What it is like to work here

    SimCorp plans work in an agile manner, using 4 planning intervals (PI’s) per year, each consisting of 5 sprints of 2 weeks each, followed by a 3-week Innovation and Planning sprint, which can be used for mastering skills in various areas, or more freely investigating ideas with prototypes. It is important that our people learn and grow constantly, and SimCorp invests a lot to foster the continuous learning environment to support people on their journeys.


    Competitive salary, bonus scheme, and pension are essential for any work agreement. However, in SimCorp, we believe we can offer more. Therefore, in addition to the traditional benefit scheme, we provide an excellent work & life balance: flexible work hours, a hybrid workplace model. On top of that, we have IP sprints where you have 3 weeks per quarter you can spend on mastering your skills as well as contributing to the company development. There is never just only one route - we practice an individual approach to professional development to support the direction you want to take.

    Who we are

    For over 50 years, we have worked closely with investment and asset managers to become the world’s leading provider of integrated investment management solutions. We are 2,500+ colleagues with a broad range of nationalities, educations, professional experiences, ages, and backgrounds in general. SimCorp is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a culture where diverse perspectives and expertise are integrated in our everyday work. We believe in the continual growth and development of our employees, so that we can provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. While striving to deliver client value, we believe it is vital to consider our people and our planet in every business decision we make. Acting responsibly is not optional. It is essential.

    Finally, we also have a well-stocked in-building bar, that serves as an excellent place to meet new people, should one be so tempted.