Senior Contract Manager

Location: Manila, PH

Who we are,

For over 50 years, we have worked closely with investment and asset managers to become the world’s leading provider of integrated investment management solutions. We are 2,100+ colleagues with a broad range of nationalities, educations, professional experiences, ages, and backgrounds in general.

SimCorp is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a culture where diverse perspectives and expertise are integrated in our everyday work. We believe in the continual growth and development of our employees, so that we can provide best - in - class solutions to our clients.

While striving to deliver client value, we believe it vital to consider our people in every business decision we make. Acting responsibly is not optional. It is essential.

Why this role is important to us.

The Contract Manager (CM) supports all types of contracts and amendments and is writing, analyzing, evaluating, negotiating, and executing various contracts covering a wide range of transactions through a high-quality advisory of the SimCorp SaaS Delivery offerings.

This is possible through a familiarity of contract and commercial law, combined with the ability to understand the business and technical side of our contract landscape. A CM is reliable on their relationship- and communication skills to reach the right stakeholders all around SimCorp.

The CM is informed and consulted, if necessary, in relation to issues and escalations with suppliers and customers through the Market Unit and our Vendor Management unit. It is crucial for the CM to be able to communicate and present information (analyze and conclude) to stakeholders regarding contracts and relating topics in a matter where everyone can understand.

CM’s are involved and consulted in relation to close-out, extension, renewal of contracts or obligations that either SimCorp or the client shall comply with. CM’s main area of capability is solving contract-related issues, ensuring contract obligations are met, securing commercials are complying with the budgeted forecast and obtaining a robust client operation – by focusing on enabling the client to get the most out of her/his investment in the SaaS offering.

What you will be responsible for:

  • Pre-contractual phase and support to sales: For a CM, it is a necessity to have pre-contractual knowledge. Therefore, the CM is participating in the pre-contractual phase where many indirect agreements and expectations are voiced. The CM is responsible for ensuring an alignment between the agreed obligations and SimCorps relevant delivery units.
  • Supporting the onboarding project: The CM drafts a contract presentation that provides an overview of the contract's most important topics to the relevant stakeholders. An essential element of the contract presentation is presenting the relevant internal stakeholders with an overview of the deviations from standard deliveries, to ensure that SimCorp meets their agreed commitments towards the client. For the CM’s to be able to provide this, it is necessary that the CM’s are a part of the pre-contractual phase. The slides will be used by the project manager and will be reviewed and presented at a handover meeting from the CCM team to the onboarding team. The CM will also present this to the client if the project finds it necessary.
  • Contract Change Management:The CM are responsible for the contract change management process within her/his reginal area. Within this process Contract Management support the Market Unit, Service Delivery Managers and Project Managers when clients request a new service or module, more users, or more infrastructure. Anything that is not covered by the contract and that needs to be invoiced in relation to SaaS Delivery.
  • Obligation Management & Quality Assurance: This process is vital to align and monitor contractual deliverables and ensure quality assurance within the SaaS Delivery organization. The CM will, in connection with the student(s) assigned, interview and monitor the contractual obligations towards the contract, and secure that the relevant stakeholders are aware whether we are delivering satisfyingly towards the agreed upon terms.
  • Legal advisors: We provide legal guidance or advice around all SaaS clients. This is to prevent or solve legal issues that need to be analyzed, interpreted, or concluded. We have the pre-contractual knowledge that is necessary concerning interpreting a contract. The goal is that no matter who asks, the answer is given in a way that everyone can understand - regardless of professional background.   
  • Cost alignment: The CM will work together with SaaS Delivery Commercial Management to understand the clients budget, revenue and provide contractual knowledge on pricing.  The CM will, together with the operational stakeholders, discuss the client’s capacity and storage, and will, if necessary, trigger a change request to transfer the cost to the client.
  • Support practice and contract training: Knows the contract and business processes and ensures best support practices on Contract Management within the SaaS Delivery. CM’s are always striving towards delivering high and consistent advice to be back-2-back with both vendor and client contracts. CM’s holds regular status meetings with the vendor manager and serves as an advisor towards the Managers and employees in Global Operations.

Daily Tasks

  • Supporting various internal stakeholders with contract and legal interpretations ex. Invoicing terms, KPI’s, infrastructure consumptions, contract change management and other contractual wordings.
  • Co-drafting of Contract Change Request with internal stakeholders in a pre-defined process. The Contract Manager owns the legal wording of the Contract Change.
  • Simple project management task regarding the further implementation of best practice contract management processes into SimCorp.
  • Cross contractual analysis of contract terms to provide insights into the commercials and performance of specific clients.
  • Supporting Obligation Management Framework
  • Update the Contract repository and the contractual database
  • The Contract Manager will be working in a high-performance team, that values teamwork, humor, and good communication.

What we value:

  • A Master, LLM or Bachelor’s in Law and preferable economics as well
  • Worked with Commercial or Contract Law, Contract Management or IT/Outsourcing/SaaS/PaaS contracts in 3-5 years
  • Preferable have commercial or economic understanding within contracts
  • The CM are involved from pre-contractual phase and support to sales, contract signing, contract execution phase, exit phase, post contractual phase.

Next steps

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