Senior Project Manager - Product Testing

Location: Singapore, SG

SimCorp is the the world's leading provider of integrated investment management solutions. We provide the only truly integrated front-to-back investment management system. With more than 300 clients worldwide, over 45 years of development and 20% of revenue invested into R+D, there has never been a better time to join.

We are looking for a Senior Project Manager to establish, develop, and improve teams of Customer Application Service consultants by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing an Agile technique that promotes adaptability and flexibility in a complex environment. 

You will work in our global Customer Application Service (CAS) delivery unit consisting of cross-located teams delivering high quality testing services embedded into Upgrade, Configuration, and Implementation testing projects. 
We will work together to ensure that our customers gain the maximum benefit out of their investment. 

Key responsibilities: 

  • Coaching and helping teams to be efficient and accountable in delivery 
  • Leveraging organizational resources to handle team capacity 
  • Ensure agility and excellent deliveries 
  • Facilitate team meetings and follow ups 
  • Boost improvements and remove team impediments 
  • Exhibit lean agile leadership behaviour 
  • Protect the team from out of scoped work and maintain team’s performance on optimal level 
  • Collaborate with the Service Owners and outside stakeholders 

 Your qualifications: 

  • Experience in similar positions where agile approaches were used 
  • Ability to inspire to do things “better” – keen to continuously improve
  • Skilled in facilitation, following up, removing impediments 
  • Goal orientation rather than task orientation, system thinking 
  • Appreciation of team accomplishments over personal accomplishments 
  • Understanding of buy-side technology a major advantage