Senior Service Delivery Consultant

Location: Sydney, AU

Senior Service Delivery Consultants are skilled senior professionals who form part of our Professional Services team working within Customer Services and based within the Market Units. 

The main purpose of the role is to contribute to the successful support and maintenance of SimCorp clients and to all aspects of service delivery around SimCorp Dimension. 

Senior Service Delivery Consultants support our clients by providing solutions and deploying services  related to the usage of SimCorp Dimension and beyond. They work closely with local and global teams within SimCorp. 
They instruct or coach less experienced professionals.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Analyze problems and issues which occur in SimCorp Dimension at existing clients independently to provide convincing and timely solutions to our clients, with guidance only on unusual and very complex situations
  • Co-operate closely with SimCorp developers to combine business and technical know-how in analysing client issues and requirements to provide optimal solutions both from a business and technical perspective
  • Advise and service our clients independently by providing solutions related to the usage of SimCorp Dimension and beyond with regard to business-related, technical or legal requirements to ensure that the clients use SimCorp Dimension in an optimal, future-oriented way
  • Provide convincing and effective solutions independently, always considering maintenance efficiency and revenue to support SimCorp's business goals
  • Establish and maintain a network at several levels at the clients incl. management and be regarded as a trusted advisor by the client to foster a mutually beneficial partnership long-term
  • Deliver consultancy and support single-handedly on a wide range of topics onsite at the client and tackle issues in new areas of expertise to provide ad-hoc answers and solutions
  • Implement additional functionality in SimCorp Dimension independently mainly for existing customers for instance by working in implementation projects on a wide range of topics also tackling issues in new areas of expertise to fulfil our clients’ demand for additional, value-adding functionality
  • Plan and conduct the technical or non-technical part of software upgrades for SimCorp Dimension and support release tests to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of SimCorp Dimension
  • Identify additional services/products which would improve the client’s operations and recommend these to the Operational Account Manager or Account Manager to create starting points for offering value-adding services and ​solutions to the client
  • Assess customer requirements regarding system enhancements of a complex nature and address these to product management to ensure that product management is always aware of future market requirements
  • Co-operate closely with other professionals within SimCorp on a local or global level by way of specialist roles (such as lead or membership in domain teams or local professional committees as well as as service ownership) to share knowledge and ensure efficient solutions for the clients
  • Conduct training or ad-hoc coaching to transfer knowledge and further develop training material to ensure the clients use the software in an optimal way
  • Act as a coach or mentor and review work of others. Influence others regarding general practices and procedures within own field​