Senior UX Designer

Location: Warsaw, PL
Application deadline: 2023-07-01-07:00

Position Summary

SimCorp is seeking a Senior Experience Designer with strong web design and UX skills to collaborate on our new Cloud stack as well as existing desktop functionality. We invite you to join our journey to Cloud, continuously innovating solutions from desktop to cutting-edge Web technologies.

Experience Design is a practical, intentional, and integrative approach to creating life-centered products & services that not only work well but work well for people. It's the creative transformation of intent into outcome: positive, measurable change in human behavior that drives business results.

SimCorp's Global Experience Design team is a shared capability: our team structure is centralized but our engagements are distributed. We're responsible for product & service design excellence and we set the standards for quality human experiences across complete product-service offers.

Experience Designers with SimCorp are versatile and resourceful. They're capable craftspeople with a range of skills and the ability to zoom in and out of details. They're also emotionally intelligent facilitators and activists able to adopt a strategic perspective when needed. Each member of our team is expected to be proactive and autonomous while also contributing to our collective work of constantly improving our in-house design practice, nurturing our community, and scaling an organizational culture of continuous learning that centers on people and outcomes.

As a SimCorp Experience Designer you collaborate with business leaders, technologists, and other colleagues across disciplines. You assist more senior designers to facilitate cross-discipline creative collaboration, scale design, and conduct design research. You also have significant autonomy to ideate, prototype, and contribute to a Design System. With fellow SimCorp’ers you’ll iteratively design and deliver coherent solutions that are effective, meaningful, and fulfilling for people.

Duties & Responsibilities

Facilitate creative collaboration and scale design as a discipline
Be able to plan, prepare, and facilitate creative collaboration activities (e.g. cross-discipline ideation or mapping sessions) as well as advocating and teaching about design as a discipline.

Prepare, conduct, synthesize, and communicate qualitative research
Be able to plan and execute generative or evaluative design research. Facilitate the analysis and synthesis of data into actionable insights with colleagues from other disciplines.

Create and communicate design artifacts
Be able to creatively explore, produce, package, and communicate across a spectrum of design visualizations and artifacts ranging from quick idea sketches to interactive prototypes and design system guidelines.

Create, communicate, and curate a coherent Design System
Be able to create, facilitate, and enforce Experience Design quality and cohesion by applying a shared, collaborative Design System for at least one SimCorp touchpoint (one product or service system).

Integrate with offer discovery & delivery teams
Be able to integrate with one or several service delivery and/or Agile development teams in support of team leaders like Product Managers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.

Continuously learn & improve
Actively seek constructive critique and welcome coaching from leaders in design and other disciplines in a constant effort to learn and improve.

Help others learn & improve
Be able to guide others in design tasks, especially directing junior designers to help them develop professionally, guide their work, and facilitate their continuous improvement.

Knowledge & Experience

Communication & Collaboration
• Fluent in speaking and writing English
• Fluent in sketching/drawing and communicating visually
• Able to make ideas tangible and accessible through sketches and prototypes, ranging from hand-made artifacts to interactive digital simulations.
• Be proactive and constructively outspoken to influence the decision-making process and build shared understanding.
• Punctual, trustworthy, diplomatic, and ethical
• Proactive and seeks to continuously learn and improve
• Reliably track and communicate work status. Proactively and frequently share progress with others and know when to ask for help or escalate potential issues.
• Facilitate sharing information across the entire organization.

Other Criteria
• Be able to demonstrate 3 to 5 years of prior experiences and accomplishments in Design through a portfolio or other means of communicating your professional practice, showing how you cultivate shared understanding, identify opportunities, make compelling recommendations, and collaborate to build solutions that achieve outcome and impact.
• Be proficient in standard design software and tools e.g. Adobe CC, Figma, Miro, MS Office 365.
• Prior experience designing enterprise and/or financial solutions is a plus.
• Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Educational Background

Your personal passion and professional experience are more important than academic credentials. An academic background in the humanities and liberal arts is a plus but not mandatory.