Senior Value Advisory (Presales) Principal Accounting & Operations 

Location: Bad Homburg, DE; Brussels, BE; Copenhagen - Headquarters, DK; London, GB; Paris, FR

Senior Value Advisory (Presales) Principal  Accounting & Operations 

The Position 

EMEA Value Advisory is responsible for the support of sales cases with new and existing clients and contributes with business and solution expertise in engagements with prospects and existing clients. Value Advisory is the former Presales role, supplemented with additional responsibilities. EMEA Value Advisory also collaborates significantly in the global community, by supporting sales cases and discussing global functional topics.  

In 2020 we introduced the role of Value Advisory Architects with a holistic focus on segments (verticals). To further strengthen the focus on the offers we introduce two new Senior Value Advisory Principal roles. These roles will be aligned with the Offer Line structure in SimCorp’s Product department.  

We are looking for two Senior Value Advisory Principals who are responsible for articulating and demonstrating our value proposition for our offers in the perspective of the prospects resp. client's business, their value drivers and target operating model. They cater for the offer specifics and ensure an outside-in perspective in our approach towards prospects and clients with regards to the respective offers.  

The Senior Value Advisory Principal leads and orchestrates the activities related to the offer line in close collaboration with the Value Advisory Experts that are focusing on the specific offer line. The Senior Value Advisory Principal and the Value Advisory Experts will form the Value Advisory offer team.

The responsibilities of the Senior Value Advisory Principal are: 

  • Orchestrate Knowledge sharing in offer line: within Value Advisory, Presales teams globally and Offer Line Management in HQ.  
  • Coordinate resource allocation of Value Advisory Offer team in close collaboration with Value Advisory Management and the Sales Organization (Client Success and new Sales) 
  • Complete Demo Live 3.0 content creation and ensure standardized demos are used by all Value Advisory Offer team members. 
  • Coordinate the creation of relevant video material that can be used in the Video Content platform. 
  • Engage with clients and prospects frequently through presentations and demos 
  • Cooperation with Global Managed Services and Consulting Services are key for this role. Interaction with Global Go-To-Market, the Offer Line management,  XaaS Delivery and with our external eco-system incl. external partners are important.  
  • Monitoring trends, leading the transformation to XaaS from Value Advisory perspective and ensuring feedback from the market (prospects and existing clients) to global functions 
  • Represent the expertise for the respective offer line externally, e.g. by speaking on conferences and positioning as thought leader 
  • The Senior Value Advisory Principals play a central role by building a trusted relationship with prospects and clients based on strong business knowledge, their pro-active approach, and a holistic view across their offer line and beyond (SimCorp Dimension and also GAIN/DataCare and Coric) including services.  

Key Responsibilities 

The key responsibilities for the Senior Value Advisory Principals are:  

  • He/she is responsible for the Value Advisory operations in the respective offer line. He/she is coordinating all actions, engaging the Value Advisory offer line team ensuring the quality and timely deliveries of the team. 
  • He/she is a top-level specialist being able to sustain a presentation of all components of the offer line to an advanced level based on standard presentations. He/she is a trusted expert with the EMEA market unit and globally for the offer line.  
  • He/she understands the market environment and its structure, trends, challenges, specificities (including clients, prospects, competition) and speak the offer line lingo; and uses that information to engage with prospects in an active and value-adding way. 
  • He/she works closely with the Value Advisory Architects and the Value Advisory Experts to ensure that we address the value our offers bring to the prospect according to its compelling event. 
  • He/she demonstrates a high and constant engagement with the Sales Manager resp. Customer Executive, with the Value Advisory offer line team members working and with the prospect representatives.  
  • He/she gives qualified feedback to Go-To-Market, the Offer Line Management and Global Standards to drive fit with market demands and competitiveness of our solutions.  

Your Qualifications 

  • As top specialist, the role requires a deep understanding of the value add of all solutions of the respective offer line (separately and in an integrated architecture as well as being able to articulate those in front of a prospect per vertical in a resonating way and to demonstrate all those to an advanced level. 
  • The role also requires project management skills as conducting the execution of the Demo Live project and delivery of video content can be seen as a project with different stakeholders to align and manage to get most out of the skills of each participant. 
  • Be able to listen and understand client needs and transfer that into our offering in collaboration with the Value Advisory Offer Line team members. Based on the strong business and solution knowledge he/she is able to apply the “tell approach”, guide clients and has the ability to “defend” standards. 
  • Strong communicator with excellent results in establishing good relationships with employees, peers and customers. 
  • Have strong presentation and demo skills including a firm appearance in front of an audience. 
  • Very good at relationship building and service minded when communicating with new and existing clients 
  • Strong analytical skills. 
  • Proactive and enthusiastic mindset paired with the willingness to develop the new Value Advisory Offer line team and the new role. 
  • Several years of experience from presales, services or similar functions. Strong expertise about the business of our clients as well as about SimCorp Dimension.  
  • Fluent in English. French or German is helpful but is not required.  

The role is a P5 role (on a scale of P1 to P5 in SimCorp’s “Professional” career path). 

The position can be based in any SimCorp location in EMEA. 


For further information, you are welcome to contact Michael Paterson at . Please apply online via Workday. 

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