Service Delivery Associate

Location: Singapore, SG

Position Summary
Service Delivery Associate is an entry role within the Professional career stream of our framework. This is the first stage for graduates joining SimCorp to work within our Customer Services. 
Service Delivery Associates will work as part of the Customer Services team based within the Market Units delivering customer support and services to our clients. 
They work together with and receive coaching by more senior Service Delivery consultants in providing support to existing clients in their day-to-day work with SimCorp Dimension.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Analyze defined problems and issues which occur in SimCorp Dimension at existing clients to provide convincing and timely solutions to our clients while being coached by more senior professionals

  • Co-operate closely with SimCorp developers to combine business and technical know-how in analysing client issues and requirements to provide optimal solutions both from a business and technical perspective

  • Contribute to providing convincing and effective solutions, always considering maintenance efficiency and revenue to support SimCorp's business goals

  • Establish and maintain a network of direct contacts within the client's organisation to foster a close-cooperation and a mutually beneficial partnership long-term

  • Deliver consultancy and support onsite at the client to provide ad-hoc answers and solutions while being coached by more senior professionals

  • Implement additional functionality in SimCorp Dimension mainly for existing customers for instance by working in implementation projects while being coached by more senior professionals to fulfil our clients’ demand for additional, value-adding functionality

  • Support release tests while being coached by more senior professionals to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of SimCorp Dimension

  • Assess customer requirements regarding system enhancements together with more senior professionals and address these to product management to ensure that product management is always aware of future market requirements

Your Qualifications

  • 1 Year work experience in the financial services industry (preferably SimCorp Dimension experience)

  • Some business understanding of the front office, middle office and back office processes

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills and a self-assured approach in both business and SimCorp Dimension context

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills including listening skills

  • Proactive nature and a natural drive for problem solving

  • Enthusiastic, committed and result-oriented

  • A Master of Business Administration or a degree in finance/economics/mathematics/computer science.

  • Strong communication skills and fluency in English (spoken and written)

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