Software Engineer - UA

Location: Kyiv, UA

You will be working in an agile team of about 5-7 people. The team works on our SimCorp Dimension product. We use a variety of tools, but the main ones are C# and an Oracle database. You will mainly be working with backend and APIs.

The present and near future main topics are good maintainability, high system performance, continuous integration and delivery, and reshaping our product for the cloud.

In addition to implementing customer features, it is essential for us to continuously improve on all levels: company, division, product area, team, and individual. We encourage your personal development, and you will be able to spend 20% of your time on experimenting with new technologies and implementing your ideas.

We expect you to know some of the following and be able to - and interested in - learning the rest. 

- C# and .NET development
- Testing. E.g., TDD, agile testing, test automation, test methodologies
- Building high performance, scalable applications
- Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

Practical experience within financial instruments and financial investment systems is of course an advantage, but not a prerequisite for the job. It is more important that you take an interest in learning this field. We will bring you up to speed using technical and domain discussions, training, and a comprehensive onboarding program.