Career perspectives from 75 years of experience in SimCorp

Each of these three SimCorp’ers have spent more than 25 years with the company. They started back in the day as software developers and from there their careers went in different directions. How do you stay challenged and motivated in the same company for more than 25 years?
I have not had a single day at SimCorp where I was sad about my job. Seriously – this place has been perfect for me.Claus Peter Jensen, Senior Account Manager, Northern Europe
In software development, nothing is ever constant, so my job is always under development as the techniques and the methods keeps changing.Conny Enghoff, Lead Developer, Product Development Tools
I've not had the same job for five years. If there has been a moment of restlessness in my job, a new opportunity has been waiting just around the corner.Arne E. Jørgensen, Director, Domain Manager Accounting

A lot has happened in SimCorp since Claus Peter, Conny and Arne started in the company in the late 1980s, when SimCorp was still considered a “start-up” company. The number of employees was around 100, and today it is more than 1300.

It was a time when a developer would also do the consulting, the implementation, the product marketing, send out invoices, pick up the phone and deliver the mail, if the receptionist was sick.

A lot has changed, but did anything stay the same?

Claus Peter: I think a very important cultural aspect that you cannot take away from us even though we have grown into a big international company, is the fact that we fight together. There is still the same kind of team spirit as when we were a start-up type of company. As Sales Manager, I oversee a complex process that involves different departments such as presales, consulting, customer service and product development, and we succeed due to this fundamental corporate culture of working together towards the same goal.

Arne: I would say that the open communication and the flat management structure has managed to stay the same over the years. The work environment is characterized by curiosity and competence – I think that between colleagues we work as sparring partners and coaches for each other. This supportive environment is possible even in a big and growing organization because people feel safe. If you feel safe, it means you dare share, and you dare ask.

Conny: One thing that I feel has stayed the same is the friendliness that is a very integral part of the company culture. Everybody is willing to help each other out and you can always count on your colleagues for help. Also, I think SimCorp has succeeded in growing big as an organization without the usual silos that most big organizations suffer from.

SimCorp has been on an exciting and challenging journey from making many different custom-made systems to now delivering the enterprise solution, SimCorp Dimension. The system is an integrated front-to-back investment management solution with more than 16,000 active daily users. SimCorp’s history is a history of growth and success that would not have been possible without the hard work of dedicated employees.

I am not remotely doing the same type of assignments as when I started in the company. For the past 15 years, I have worked with core development in ‘PD Tools’, where we develop the tools for the rest of the organizationConny Enghoff, Lead Developer, Product Development Tools

Which milestones stand out for these three SimCorp’ers?

Claus Peter: My proudest moment was closing the Nordea deal in 2001. Nordea was our first real asset manager client with business in multiple countries, and at that time our biggest account. Getting Nordea on board with SimCorp Dimension has been an important part of SimCorp’s development. Before that we were a trusted partner with treasury management and pension funds, but with Nordea the world of asset management seriously opened for us. Nordea helped change and shape our profile to the global Asset Management partner we are today.

Conny: One of my memorable achievements here at SimCorp was when SimCorp was CMM level 2 certified about ten years ago. It was a long process leading up to this moment, where we worked very hard to professionalize our software. To get this international stamp of approval was the result of an extraordinary collective effort.

Arne: For me, a big moment in my career was the technical implementation of the Euro on 01.01.1999. We were a special unit in the R&D department that had been involved in the analytics a couple of years prior to the implementation. As with many of our projects, we must prepare for the future and the future needs of customers and the specs for the system – and this was no different: we had to configure the entire system to ensure the conversion of all existing portfolios and financial figures, so that everything was at scope.

Having stayed for 25 years does not make these three SimCorp’ers unique. Currently, there are more than 20 such veterans still working in the company and many that have retired after spending more than 25 years with SimCorp.

Besides my normal job function, I have also been lucky to get little sidekicks such as educating colleague at various occasions and off the beaten track research projects, that don’t have to do with the accounting domain I normally work with. Arne E. Jørgensen, Director, Domain Manager Accounting, ABOR Product Management

With what kind of arguments would they sell SimCorp to future employees?

Claus Peter: SimCorp is a growing international company. If you start your career here, you can spend one year getting the proper training, and then basically you can be off to anywhere. Seriously – it is fantastic. One day in Copenhagen, the next day in Toronto. If I had to start over today, I would go abroad for a couple of years before settling down with a family. I think SimCorp is a world of opportunity

Conny: At SimCorp you will get a lot of really nice and helpful colleagues. And another great thing is that all new employees get to go on SimCorp Academy, which is a three-week introductory course to all aspects of SimCorp Dimension. You are teamed up with other new colleagues, so from day one you get a network of colleagues from around the world. This is a great advantage in such a big international organization.

Arne:If you would like to learn something new every day, I would say SimCorp is the right place for you. We are constantly being challenged by the industry, by our product and by having very competent colleagues. I am 61, and I still feel like I am learning something new every day. A day where you do not learn anything new is a day wasted, if you ask me.

I love being in Sales, the client relations, identifying problems and helping to fix them and afterwards hear that the client is happy. We offer the best product on the market, which also makes this a dream jobClaus Peter Jensen, Senior Account Manager, Northern Europe