Colin Tigh

New Business Development Consultant

Meet SimCorp’er Colin Tigh

Colin is a New Business Development Consultant based in the New York office. He joined after studying finance in college and working for a bank and an asset management firm. Colin is a trailblazer and always full of bright ideas that are put to use when collaborating with marketing and dealing with clients. He has worked at SimCorp North America since 2015.

What does your job entail? 

I am here to solve issues from a technological standpoint and find the best solutions for our clients. This involves working closely with the clients, understanding their needs and explaining how SimCorp's solutions can support their business requirements. I also work closely with our marketing team in order to create the right messages that communicate how our system helps asset managers invest more efficiently with less risk and gain positive end-results for their customers. Dealing with many different business units requires all hands on deck, and it means my skills are often put to use in new ways. 

How is it working in a global company? 

Working at a global company is a fantastic experience. SimCorp is headquartered in Copenhagen and I am based out of our New York City office. Daily, I interact with colleagues based around the world, discussing complex problems that are unique to the global financial industry.  I travel domestically and internationally to meet with C-level executives to discuss their daily challenges, providing insight into solutions that our company could provide. I speak with new people every day – people from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world, which I think is a very useful experience instead of having just one cultural mindset.

Every day is challenging and inspiring, and I get to work with the best of the best in software and technology.

Colin Tigh

What kind of workplace is SimCorp? 

Generally, I would say that the atmosphere throughout SimCorp is vibrant, diverse and innovative. It’s about hard work, but it is also about creativity, which is what helps us solve complex problems for our clients every day. When you express your career ambitions at SimCorp, they make sure you achieve them. Every manager I’ve seen works hard to guide the people they are responsible for. Mentorship is always available. It is the perfect fit for me; I get to be here in New York in the center of all – taking this fast-paced industry to new heights in the North American market.