Helen Evans

Business Consultant

Meet SimCorp’er Helen Evans

Helen is a Business Consultant based in the United Kingdom. Helen started in her job after graduating from university and before long, with the help of her colleagues, she had made the transition to a skilled at valued employee at SimCorp. She has been with the company since November 2013.

How did you end up at SimCorp?

Well, actually I came to SimCorp fresh out of university after finishing my BSc in Mathematics with Economics. And then I have been on what you could call a steep learning curve in order to get at strong foundation in financial solutions. It has been great, and I have had the opportunity to specialize and define my role early on. Like most new employees, I have had a mentor, so I had the support and structure I needed to pursue relevant opportunities and achieve my own goals. Also, I have been part of a very collaborative team, which has helped me to get at smooth transition into the SimCorp world.

What does your job entail?

As a Business Consultant, I am part of the implementation team. I work closely with colleagues and clients all over the world to configure our investment management solutions, so they are perfectly tailored to each client. My workdays span from designing solutions in the London office to implementing them on-site in Azerbaijan, so every day is different. Working closely with clients keeps my job interesting as each client is different and I never know what challenges I will encounter from day to day. I have a very dynamic role, which keeps me at the top of my game.

Once you join SimCorp, there are many directions you can take to specialize and define your own role

Helen Evans

What is the work environment like at SimCorp?

It is a workplace, where I get new challenges all the time and I am able to seek out opportunities for personal growth – I feel that I can learn and challenge myself everywhere. However, my favorite thing about working at SimCorp is the people. My colleagues are diverse, helpful and intelligent. There are so many different people working together, which helps make us such a strong team. With all of our distinct personalities and backgrounds, it is clear that we all hold the same SimCorp values, and are always working towards the same common goal.