Meet SimCorp’er Ilaria Cataudella

Ilaria is a Developer in Instrument Pricing based at SimCorp’s headquarters in Copenhagen. She loves to solve puzzles. With a PhD in physics, she has ample experience familiarizing herself with new processes and simplifying complexity. She has been working at SimCorp since September 2015.

What is your background? I have a background in physics, which teaches you how to simplify a problem into the smallest number of variables and describe it in the most effective way. I have transferred these skills to software development at SimCorp. I think there are many similarities between my academic life and my daily work, in particular that I am constantly being challenged and get to expand my knowledge. Because, I must admit that I entered unchartered territory when I had to learn a new programming language as well as the complex world of investment management.

 Ilaria Cataudella 
Every day I am being challenged, and I can easily see myself learning new things for years to come.Ilaria Cataudella

What does your job entail? I use my problem-solving and analytical skills to develop new product features that improve security, workflow and automation. In that way you could say, I take a lot from my academic background with me into my work at SimCorp. Also, you are really given the time you need to sit and analyze complex tasks and find the best possible solution. I feel like I am solving puzzles, not promoting business. I get to solve complex problems and turn them into simple solutions, which is very exciting and challenging - I always have something to strive for and that motivates me to keep learning.

What is it like working in an international company? It gives some diversity to your workday. My team is very international and with such a wide international network, there is always an option for me to widen my horizons and learn something new. I think it is very easy to work together with my international colleagues, no matter where they are in the world. Everyone is from a wide range of backgrounds, and when we combine this knowledge on our tasks, we create even better solutions and are even more innovative. Everyone takes pride in their work and knows that it takes teamwork to make it happen.