Straight from University to Global Marketing

Linda recently joined SimCorp’s Global Product Marketing Department as Product Marketing Consultant. Linda is new in this role, however not completely new to SimCorp as she has worked as a student assistant while finishing her studies at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Linda used her insights to write a thesis about internationalization processes using SimCorp as a case study, which led to this first step in her career.

How did you end up at SimCorp? I applied for a student position while I was studying Marketing & International Management at CBS. I am from Germany, so first of all it was of course a big plus that SimCorp is an international company with English as a corporate language. But I also hold a bachelor degree in Economics & Business Administration with one specialty in finance, so it was very attractive to me that I could merge my two competences in one job. My student position led me to this new job in the Global Marketing Department, and I am very excited to take on this new role in a team that I already know very well.

 Linda Tedsen 
It's great working in a company with so much talent – it keeps you on your toes.Linda Tedsen, Product Marketing Consultant

What are your first impressions? One thing that has been a very new experience for me is working within a flat Danish management structure. Being from Germany, I am used to something different and much more formal and hierarchical. Here the management is very visible and also very accessible. When you want to speak to your superiors, you do not need to book a meeting through a secretary – you can simply walk up to all the managers and engage in a conversation. Our department sit in an open office, and I have a lot of dialogue with my manager and the rest of my team, where I am lucky to be among specialized and experienced senior colleagues, I learn a lot from.

What is the most attractive aspect – what will keep you here? I think it is very cool to work in an international environment. In my team, we are six people with five different nationalities and cultures, and then we also work with the marketing responsible from the various subsidiaries. I am also excited about SimCorp’s Career Framework concept, which gives me a clear idea of how my career can advance over the next couple of years. And not least, I feel privileged to work among such smart colleagues. We sell an extremely advanced product based on a lot of knowledge and brainpower, which I find is very characteristic for the work environment and the company culture. 

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