Meet SimCorp’er Rikke Maria Lee Rasmussen

Rikke is a Senior Manager for Business Relations and Project Management in Group IT, based in SimCorp headquarters in Denmark. Rikke specializes in project, employee and stakeholder management and supports the partnership between IT and business. Together with her team, she helps ensure that all IT projects generate business value for SimCorp. She has been working at SimCorp since May 2015.

What is your background? I have an education in business administration and project management and before joining SimCorp in May 2015, I have been working in the IT sector for a decade, so in that way SimCorp was a natural choice for me. SimCorp is great, because it matches my background and interests in business, project management and IT. I think it is a motivating challenge to work in the field between business and IT, supporting the business from the strategic level down to implementation and realization. I make sure that everything and everyone is on track with the outlined objectives.

 Rikke maria 
I strive to build bridges instead of walls. It can be challenging at times, but it is always rewarding when we succeed.Rikke Maria Lee Rasmussen

What is the work environment like? I find that SimCorp is full of dedicated and committed employees that work closely together across the organization. Since I rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration in my daily work, I really appreciate this active and engaging culture – it holds a lot of respect for each other. For me this is an ideal work environment, where I get to build on even my strongest skills, and my work is always a challenge. When I am able to identify what others need and help them succeed in their work, it is so rewarding. I think the reason for SimCorp’s success is the people working here. We bring out the best in each other, and we are always striving to accomplish more.

What else can you say about working at SimCorp? I love that I have colleagues from all over the world – it gives me a broader understanding of other cultures and insight into the way the industry works in other parts of the world. It is so motivating to be part of a success story and the journey we are on towards our vision for the future. I am proud of what we accomplish. We work successfully together to build strong solutions that bridge IT and business, and we are one of the best in our industry.