Thierry Kelvin Ntwali

Senior Customer Service Consultant

Meet SimCorp’er Thierry Kelvin Ntwali

Thierry is a Senior Customer Service Consultant in the Customer Services Support team in New York. He started out in the office in Brussels, but was encouraged to follow his ambitions and move with SimCorp to New York. He has been working at SimCorp since January 2010.

What initially attracted you to SimCorp? 

I thought the prospect of joining a company with such great growth ambitions was interesting. I have a degree in Economics and Management, so of course I also found SimCorp’s area of business to be a perfect fit for my interests and professional background. When I started in the company, I received a very solid on-boarding process in the Brussels office, which gave me a good overview of the entire organization, and made it clear to me, which area matched my interests and skills the most – I decided for customer service. 

What does your job entail?

As a Customer Service Consultant, I work closely with different departments and clients, when I carry out day-to-day support and operational account management. And I have to say, that there is more business involved in software than most people think. Development is becoming more agile and with every new release, you have to understand a new set of competences. This means that we get to learn and progress every day. Our department plays an important role in SimCorp’s growth, now and in the future, and it is a journey, I am very proud to be part of.

At SimCorp you are never working in a silo – others are dependent on your work and vice versa

Thierry Kelvin Ntwali

What is the work environment at SimCorp like?

I think it is great. You are never working in a silo – others are dependent on your work and vice versa. There is a great mix of young and more experienced people, and it is a flat organization. At the same time, we are pushed to stay curious, which I believe is one of the keys to innovation. To succeed in this industry, you have to look into all of the activities that span the front, middle and back office elements of managing investments. And of course, since I was encouraged to follow my ambitions to New York, I highly value the global mobility that is an integral part of the organization.