Tina R. McIntosh

Senior Manager in Customer Services

Meet SimCorp’er Tina R. McIntosh

Tina is a Senior Manager in Customer Services based in the Zurich office. On a daily basis, she is responsible for a team of consultants and client satisfaction across Switzerland. She has been developing her career at SimCorp since 2008.

What is your background?  

I have a background in the financial industry. I initially obtained a Bachelor’s degree in business and finance, and then I went on to work for an asset manager in Australia. So you could say the road from asset manager to investment management solutions was a natural step. I have developed my career within SimCorp for the past eight years, and I now work as a Senior Manager in Customer Services from our office in Switzerland. I feel that I have found a complementary path to bridge my industry knowledge and new skill requirements in pursuit of my career goals.

What is a work day like for you?

As part of my daily work, I coordinate consultants’ activities ensuring high satisfaction for our clients and internal stakeholders, negotiate budgets and organize recruitment and development. At SimCorp I have also put my skills to use in a new way – I am learning how to translate developers’ terminology into a language clients can understand. But truth be told, my work days can be very different, and I love this degree of unpredictability. No two days are the same. I also enjoy SimCorp’s collaborative atmosphere very much, and the supportive environment and flat hierarchy. Decisions aren’t made somewhere far away, you feel involved in what is going on.

We have a cooperative culture. People don’t guard their territory, and there is an overall feeling of fairness.

Tina R. McIntosh

How do you see career advancement at SimCorp? We are an evolving company, a growth company, and for the past eight years, I have been part of this journey. We are in a fast-paced market and our goals are constantly evolving – you feel it too, when your roles and responsibilities are changing. For me personally, the international mobility that SimCorp provides has been a great advantage as I was able to move to Switzerland and take on a more senior role. SimCorp invests a lot in the development of both technical and soft skills for its employees, managers help you grow, making it easy to climb up the career ladder.