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Since 1971 we've helped asset managers, pension funds and insurance firms simplify operations and uncover new opportunities.

What we do at SimCorp

At SimCorp, we develop the world's leading investment management solutions providing critical infrastructure for the investment of incomprehensible sums each day, year-round. This is no easy task, but it is important – not least for all the hard-working people around the world relying on pension funds to invest their money wisely. If you will, investments are what transform our increasingly complex world.


Our continuous investment in R&D means our clients can trust in our partnership and ability to provide a best-in-class solution long-term.

Christian Kromann
Chief Executive Officer, SimCorp A/S

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What is SimCorp offering?

Johannes Frank
Business Performance and Transformation Principal

Top 5 questions about SimCorp

SimCorp’s history dates back many years, when two chartered accountants published an article in the Danish magazine “Management”. Although the headline "Long Range Planning does not need to be snowed under with calculations” maybe was to the dry and boring side, the content was attention-grabbing. In the article, the authors presented a model that quickly calculated profitability, liquidity, and other financial key results. The year was 1971, and there were no similar solutions on the Danish market at the time. And, with that, SimCorp was born, bringing almost unlimited opportunities for curious and courageous people, eager to build the company that would later develop the world's leading investment management solutions.

If you look closely at our logo, you get the impression of a black tunnel. Originally, a small figure at the end represented a consultant, who would enable the client to see the light at the end by offering the client assistance. Often, clients find themselves in long range planning process, and here SimCorp can – through different layers – help them see the financial consequences of different decisions and developments over the next 5 – 10 years. In other words, our logo represents a promise of a multitude of strong solutions for the investment management industry

We are a very diverse group of people, with different backgrounds, experiences, nationalities and ages… and this is what makes us great. We complement each other, support and learn from each other, and together we are living a caring culture, where people want to work and grow – with equal opportunities for all.

With 300+ financial institutions worldwide banks, insurance companies, investment, and pension funds – as our clients, we are a truly global company. Looking at our clients’ geography, we have clients all over the world: 180+ clients in Europe, 60+ in North America, and 20 clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Our clients rely on us and look at us as a partner and not just a vendor.

SimCorp is a truly independent company and a publicly traded entity headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, with approximately 13,000 registered shareholders representing around 97% of our share capital. As part of our benefits program, employees also have the opportunity to buy shares of the company.

Our sustainability efforts

Acting sustainably is a part of our DNA at SimCorp