How taking responsibility for the client experience can help you win new clients… and keep the ones you have

How can you be sure you’re taking care of your clients’ changing needs if you’re buried in soul-crushing manual processes? The answer is SimCorp Coric.


We feel your pain

Our specialists speak to institutional investors just like you every day and so we’ve come to know your pain points in detail. And that means we take them personally.

In this video, you can discover the value of using SimCorp Coric to deliver better client communications from some of the people that will support you.

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You can’t afford to do nothing

With the demands of clients changing rapidly, modern, flexible and intelligent client communications is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a competitive differentiator.

This means keeping your client’s business and keeping your workforce motivated are intrinsically linked. By liberating your talent from laborious manual tasks, you free them up to focus on adding value to investors – ultimately leading to better client retention and new client acquisitions.


Better for your clients

SimCorp Coric gives you the power and flexibility to create a better client experience tailored to your client’s changing needs.

Check mark icon   Self-service approach empowers end-clients with access to performance data, market views and important documents anytime and from anywhere without being tied to traditional reporting cycles.

Check mark icon   Granular behavioral analytics allow you to learn what information your clients interact with so you can tailor messages and products to their individual needs.

Check mark icon   Our personalized dashboards give clients access to the information they need – presenting a virtually unlimited amount of data in an intuitive and easy format.


Better for your workforce

SimCorp Coric is designed to allow your talent to spend its valuable time delivering value to clients, not on manual reporting tasks that should be automated.

Check mark icon   Our cloud-native digital client portal increases reporting automation and frees up time for staff to advise clients.

Check mark icon   Achieve stronger investor engagement, better understanding of the needs of their customer base, and flexible, meaningful access to investment data.

Check mark icon   Unparalleled behavioral analysis tools promote revenue growth and client retention


Take more responsibility for the client experience

How can you leverage cloud technology to deliver a more compelling customer experience? What are the key challenges around investor empowerment, client engagement and upselling? Get insights into these and many more industry challenges in our exclusive white paper.

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