How PenSam has reduced data processing and cut operational risk in their alternatives portfolio

Merging alternative investments into their core system has helped Danish pension firm PenSam reduce data processing and cut operational risk. Watch how they did it.


A few years ago, PenSam evaluated their flow for handling alternative investments and found some serious inefficiencies with data collection and reporting.

Investment data was stored in numerous sheets and systems, which made it difficult to do a proper decomposition of their alternatives portfolio.

They decided to implement Alternative Investments Manager into their existing SimCorp Dimension operating system. Watch Thomas Anker, PenSam’s Application Manager, explain how they’ve since simplified their processes, cut processing time, and most importantly, mitigated their operational risk.

We now have a centralized platform that holds uniform and validated information, which allows for better and easier use of that data in the rest of our organization.

Thomas Anker, Application Manager, PenSam

Quick facts

Name: PenSam 
AUM: EUR 18 billion 
Headquarters: Farum, Denmark 
Industry: Pension fund