How responsible data management can help you seize new opportunities

In our view, traditional approaches to market and reference data lack the flexibility to stay in step with market, business and regulatory change. That’s why we created SimCorp Datacare.


We feel your pain

Our specialists speak to institutional investors just like you every day, and so we’ve come to know your pain points in detail. And that means we take them personally.

In this video, you can hear how we can help you become more agile from some of the people that will support you.

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You can’t afford to do nothing

For many buy-side organizations, market and reference data management continues to be an expensive and time-consuming headache – restricting agility, failing to differentiate and tying up your talent in mundane processing tasks.

To survive and thrive in the changing landscape, business agility is mission critical. And so, a new, holistic approach to data management is needed with a focus on fast access to high quality data, business agility and cost optimization.

Leona Chen 


Become more efficient

SimCorp Datacare is designed to improve your business operations by relieving you of the burden of in-house data management.

Check mark icon   Data quality: Access to clean and timely market and reference data that you can depend on, delivered in accordance with your SLAs

Check mark icon   Data governance: Full transparency and auditability with end-to-end data lineage for each record

Check mark icon   Focus on value added tasks: Streamline your data management processes, freeing up your top talent to focus on harnessing insights that drive your competitive advantage


Become more agile

SimCorp Datacare is designed to respond to the evolving needs of your client’s business, the demands of the market and regulatory changes.

Check mark icon   Scalability and growth enablement: An "always on" Cloud infrastructure that scales with your business and provides 24 x 7 operations and support

Check mark icon   Agility and speed: Seize new opportunities and quickly adapt to change with the confidence that you are working from the latest market and reference data

Check mark icon   Skilled expertise and specialist know how: On-demand access to industry and data experts, dedicated to your key business drivers with proactive guidance on best practices and upcoming changes

Guillame Rondy 

Take more responsibility for market and reference data management

We examine how Data as a Service, like SimCorp Datacare, can help you overcome the operational complexity of market and reference data management and ensure you have the agility needed to adapt to change and seize new opportunities.

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Rethinking Market and Reference Data Management