Get assurance of your Corporate Actions integrity with SimCorp Data Management

Gain peace of mind with SimCorp Data Management. The solution automatically centralizes all your Corporate Actions, so you can have a bird’s eye view of actionable insights – in real time. 

Everything you need, in one place

  • Best practice workflows and advanced quality checks as standard. So you can be confident you’re working with quality Corporate Actions data – always
  • Out-the-box support and easy-to-use integrations that work with all of your systems and data vendors
  • Centralized scheduling of all your future activities
  • Transparent data processes and end-to-end data history for all your records and reporting requirements

Excellent automated efficiency

  • Automate the collection of all announcements from custodians, brokers, vendors and exchanges via robust and intuitive interfaces
  • Built-in Corporate Actions data validation enables straight through processing
  • Automation of everyday activities means you have more resources to focus on  critical events, as they occur
  • Intelligent real-time prioritization of tasks

Empower your users

  • Intuitive tools that give your users the power to find what they want, when they want without the need to involve IT resources
  • Easy-to-use task dashboards for detailed insights, management and reporting
SimCorp Data Management allows us to have a full end-to-end solution for processing corporate actions, while also fully benefiting from the integration with other SimCorp modules.”

Head of Accounting & Operations
Top 3 Asset Manager in the Netherlands

How does SimCorp Data Management for Corporate Actions help you?

  • Reduce risk through increased automation and quality control
  • Maximize operational efficiency through automation
  • Enable growth through a flexible and scalable platform
  • Empower users, reducing the need to involve IT resources
  • Reduce risk with quality control checks, automation and reconciliation functions
  • Adopt industry standards to eliminate manual data entry
  • Easily manage your team’s workload and data volumes with an intuitive task management system
  • Achieve more, with fewer resources
  • Fast access to trusted information for timely decision making
  • Reduce risk through increased automation and quality control
  • Increase operational efficiency
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